5 Ways of Cleaning Laminate Floor

5 Ways of Cleaning Laminate Floor

Laminate flooring is multi-layer synthetic flooring made of melamine resin, fiberboard materials, plastic and other types of synthetic materials. This type of flooring is designed in such a way that it mimics the look of wooden flooring or stone flooring. This is a versatile and affordable type of flooring which is a popular choice among many people for homes as well as other types of real estate.

A key factor in deciding the type of flooring is whether it is easy to maintain and easy to clean. Laminated flooring is generally resistant to scratches, stains, and dents and is quite durable in terms of everyday wear and tear. The same goes for Ikea Laminate Flooring too.

The following are five ways to clean a laminated flooring effectively which are easy and quite convenient:

Ways to Clean Laminated Flooring

  1. Sweeping

Dry Mops

The old-fashioned sweeping with a dry mop or broom works very well with laminate floors. A regular broom works well with laminate floors. Laminate flooring is scratch resistant so most brooms and mops do not damage the flooring but avoiding mops and brooms with hard bristles can cause damage.

Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are used on the laminate floor to sweep dirt and debris without damaging the laminate flooring. Dirt and grit are easily swept away using a vacuum cleaner which is a convenient way of cleaning laminate flooring.

Wet Mops

If there are stains and if the flooring has become increasingly dirty, using a simple wet mop is also a good choice. A wet mop that is soaked in water and then wrung out well will clean the laminate flooring very well.

  1. Cleaning Different types of Spilled Liquids

If water is spilled on laminate flooring it is easy to just clean it with a soft dry mop. A key component of protecting laminate flooring is to avoid standing liquid to stay on the laminate flooring. Quickly moving out the water is a smart choice as standing water can damage laminate flooring. Other types of liquid may cause stains, but laminate flooring is quite stain resistant, so mopping up the liquid will protect the laminate flooring from stains and damage. Using detergent and hot water for removing stains caused by spilled liquids is a smart option.

  1. Using Cleaning Agents

There are a lot of cleaning products that can be used on laminated flooring without damage. There can be all sorts of tough stains and problems like spillage of oil, lipstick, paint, tea, wine, coffee, food, crayon markers and ink among other things. A mixture of vinegar and water works well on stains. Using mild detergent, soap or even mild baby shampoo works well on laminate flooring. It is essential to dry the laminate flooring after washing it with these products because if dampness and moisture are left to remain on the laminate flooring after cleaning the floor, the moisture can cause damage for the flooring. Window cleaners are another option to use for cleaning laminate flooring. Spraying the laminate flooring window cleaners and gently wiping the laminate flooring using window cleaners is a safe option. There are different types of cleaning agents, some more strong than others. Using mild cleaners is a safer choice in comparison to harsh chemical detergents as there is a chance of damaging the laminate flooring using harsh detergents and cleaning agents.

  1.  Home Remedies

Nail polish removers work very well on stains like nail polish, shoe polish, tar and other tough stains. A simple microfiber cloth soaked and wrung in water clears most stains as laminate flooring is highly stained resistant. Wax, chewing gum and other solids stuck to the flooring can be simply removed by using a plastic blunt knife that does not scratch the surface. Solids stuck to the surface of the laminate flooring can be scrapped by using can plastic scrapper like a credit card and then cleaned later with a damp cloth.

  1. Warm Water

Another solution for cleaning laminate flooring is simply warm water. Mopping the floor or cleaning it with warm water is easy and convenient. Warm water cleans germs without chemicals and other cleaning agents and mopping the floor with hot water clears dust, dirt, stains and all kinds of debris making it a very hygienic option.


There are different easy ways to clean laminated floorings. As this type of flooring is stain and scratch resistant, so cleaning laminate flooring is easier than other types of flooring. Hygienic and clean flooring is important to keep the surroundings clean and healthy. After cleaning the laminate floor it is essential to make sure that laminate flooring should be dried, as water, moisture and dampness can completely damage laminate flooring. Damaged laminate flooring cannot be repaired and has to be completely redone and changed. This means while cleaning laminate flooring it has to be immediately dried after cleaning. Cleaning laminate flooring is easy in comparison to other types of flooring if the above-mentioned instructions are followed.


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