Why Regular Dental Appointments are Important for Overall Health

Why Regular Dental Appointments are Important for Overall Health

No one gets excited about going to the dentist. Even those fortunate enough not to deal with cavities, root canals, or other oral issues, the dentist is not fun. However, keeping up on regular cleanings is important for many reasons!

Read on for the top benefits of regular dental cleanings Some of these reasons may surprise you!

1. Detect common issues like tartar build up, cavities, and plaque.

Regardless of how well you take care of your teeth, including how many times you brush in a day, chances are you are missing small areas within your mouth, leaving them prone to plaque build-up. Dental hygienists will check each area that you miss during flossing and brushing and remove plaque that leads to tartar and cavities. When you catch these issues early enough you avoid issues like holes in your teeth, major cavities, and tooth decay.

2. Screening for oral cancer.

It’s not overly common to hear about the dangers of oral cancer, but regular visits to the dentist will help ensure that you are not in danger or showing warning signs of this disease. With an non-invasive screening, your dentist can recognize the symptoms of oral cancer and catch the disease early enough to diagnose and recommend treatment. This can prevent long term issues that can potentially become fatal if not treated quickly and accurately. Most insurance will cover the screening that is completely painless and incredibly fast. Experienced High Park dental clinic The Little Green Building mentions in this article that “If you regularly keep up with your dentist visits every six months, you are significantly reducing your chances of death from oral cancer because you can make sure you catch it early.”

3. Regular X-rays can detect problems lurking under the surface.

When you visit your dentist, the first thing you will experience are x-rays. These images allow dentists to see what’s happening under your gums like how your jaw is positioned and other issues not seen by the naked eye. Your dentist will review your x-rays with you and discuss any treatment plans that are necessary. Issues can include impacted teeth, bone decay, jaw damage and any other issues that don’t always present within different symptoms.

4. Detect bad habits.

During a regular dental cleaning, the doctor will not only review your teeth, but will discuss different issues related to your overall oral health. This includes touching on habits that you may not even realize cause issues within your mouth like drinking too much coffee or red wine, which can stain your teeth. Other habits like chewing ice, biting your nails, grinding your teeth, and much more can also cause major issues within your mouth that you may not be aware of. Regular dental checks will allow your dentist to detect any long-lasting issues that these habits may cause.

5. They won’t only check your teeth, but neck, head, and nodes.

While you will get your oral check-up including the things we discussed like x-rays, cancer screenings, cleanings, you will also get a check up on your jaw, lymph nodes, and neck. Dentists will check for swelling, lumps, or issues that may be the sign of a serious issue. If it is not something related to oral health, they will recommend you to the proper medical professional.

These are just a few reasons to get regular dental check ups, they are incredibly important to stay healthy and keep your teeth in the best shape possible. Contact your dentist to schedule a cleaning today, and every six months after.


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