Which Drone Has the Best Camera for Selfie?

Which Drone Has the Best Camera for Selfie?

When it comes to taking selfies, one of the things you consider is the quality of the camera. This applies to smartphones and cameras. Drones are not left behind either.

One of the features to look out for when looking for a drone that offers you a camera with great selfies is the LED lights. With any drone out there, we understand the confusion that might ensue when trying to get a drone with the best camera for selfie. Worry not, this article will making shopping for such a drone easy.

Aerial Acrobat Video Drone

Apart from taking excellent selfies, this drone is capable of taking videos and performing stunts. It has colourful LED lights, which makes it even more appealing to the eye especially when flown at night. You can fly it up to 100ft within range.

For storage purposes, it has a 4GB memory card. In case this is not enough for you, it can support a 32GB memory card.

The Aerial Acrobat drone takes pictures of 1280×720 and videos of 1280×720. It has headless mode and auto hover modes. Additionally, it has 3 speeds, with one key launch and one key landings.

Lighted Drone

It is built with LED lights all over it and can fly up to 150 feet while on control. This drone flips up to 360 degrees with a stabilization of 450 feet/ 2.46HZ 6 axis gyro. It uses the AA batteries. For battery saving, it has a power save function.

It has a 0.3MP digital camera for capturing pictures as well as full-motion videos with audio. For storage purposes, it has a removable 2GB SD memory card.

Quad Smart Drone

This 4-channel quadcopter is easy to fly and has an aerodynamic design. For stability, it has a built-in gyroscope.

It is capable of flipping in 360 degrees and has two speed modes. For recharging, it comes with a USD cable and uses 4 AAA batteries.

4-In-1 Transforming Drone

With two flying modes, the 4-In-1 Transforming Drone is easy to fly and operate. It can be flown mode 1 with the cage or the second mode without the cage. It also has 2 sets of wheels.

For driving, it has 2 modes, with one allowing it to drive on ceiling and upon walls with 2 wheels. The other mode is for driving on the floor and table tops on four wheels.

Its transmitters uses 3 AAA batteries and charges using a USB cable. Additionally, it is capable of flipping up to 360 degrees. At range, it flies up to 150ft.


The DX3 has a camera fitted, which allows it to take pictures and shoot videos even on flight mode. It has a high quality camera for pictures and its videos are in 1080HD.

For control, it can fly up to 450ft of range. It has auto orientation and auto landing features. Additionally, it has 6 axis gyro for stability. Its battery lasts up to 10 minutes.


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