How to Find the Target Audience for Your Dropshipping Store

How to Find the Target Audience for Your Dropshipping Store

If you are thinking of taking a side job, why not to try to pursue a business idea instead of working for others? E-commerce is a growing industry and you can easily be a part of it. Also, building your own dropshipping store does not take that much of a time. I can bet that you can write in English, understand Shopify’s drag and drop website builder and get some traffic to kickstart your shop.

How to Find the Target Audience for Your Dropshipping Store

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Nonetheless, probably the hardest thing is to decide what kind of things you want to sell. Maybe you are an artist and can sell your own digital art or maybe you do not have any creative skills and just want to dropship. Either way, you need to pick a target audience or how it is usually called a “niche”. By picking it, you will be able to find the most profitable products to sell and maximize the profits.

Here are some ideas for you on how to pick a niche.

Niche Matters

You may think that the niche is not important and you can sell everything and make a lot of money. However, it is not how it works. Niche is really important because it is way easier to advertise your products to a small fraction of people to which your products are needed rather than advertise any product to anyone who does not have any interest to products you are selling. That is why niche marketing is a key to the success of your shop. If you do not know anything about niche marketing, you can read about it in this encyclopedia.

Also, when you are selling a niche product you have lesser competition and most of the time you can outrun them with higher quality products, better customer support or other better customer related activity. However, when you are selling everything your biggest competitors will be Amazon, eBay, AliExpress and many more online retailers. I can bet that you will not conquer them because they already have the biggest share of the E-commerce industry pie. So, if you will try to fight with those sites you will make your way to success much harder and believe me you do not want to do that.

How to Pick a Niche

You might be thinking that is really hard to pick a niche because there are all of those possibilities. However, you do not need to make it overcomplicated.

How to Find the Target Audience for Your Dropshipping Store

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First of all, do not search for a niche in which you are not interested in. Try to think of your passions, hobbies and interests and write them down somewhere. Then, try to specify what kind of equipment requires your interests, try to write down as many as possible. For example, you go to the gym often and see a lot of people using various types of supplements like proteins, fat burners, vitamins, etc. Why not become a supplement dropshipper for the fitness community, or create your own label.

When you have done all of the steps above and are feeling confident that you wrote down all of the items required there. I recommend finding the top products on that list. What I mean by top products, is to find the products that are trending and becoming more popular. Identify if those items are seasonal or not. Maybe you only need to run the shop for a certain season like summer. Also, check your competition, recognize what they are doing right and wrong and try only to follow the right things and copy that. Try to fully understand that niche and overcome your competitors with smart decisions.

After you completed all your steps, lastly, you need to choose your target audience. Check for the lowest competition in those trending products. Keep in mind that you must be passionate about the things you sell. If you know a lot about that niche, you should try to write a blog in your store and try to build your traffic from SEO.


How to Find the Target Audience for Your Dropshipping Store

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Now, the only thing you need to is to start. If you do not have the motivation or just like to procrastinate, try to create your working space, it might help. Do not be afraid to start because as the Old Russian proverb goes “one who doesn’t risk never gets to drink champagne”. If you fail, you can always start again because it almost costs nothing to start your own dropshipping store and it easy to do it multiple times.


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