How Driving a Truck or SUV Can be Safer for You and Your Family

How Driving a Truck or SUV Can be Safer for You and Your Family

You know what would happen if a little hatchback collided with a semi-truck. It’s important to choose a car with great safety ratings, but those ratings don’t take into account all of the possible obstacles on the road. When it comes down to it, a larger, well-built SUV or truck is going to be safer than a smaller car. In fact, there are some car makers who have decided to exclusively focus on trucks and SUVs in coming years.

Not only are larger vehicles like the new GMC truck safer, but they’re also in higher demand. Commutes are getting longer and people want their vehicles to act like mini, moving studios. Trucks and SUVs have more storage space, more hauling power, and can fit more people more comfortably. The fact that they’re safer makes them the obvious choice for any driver looking to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Beyond testing better in crashes, SUVs and trucks also have the ability to navigate tough terrain in a safer manner. Most people wouldn’t choose to go off-roading in a tiny car, but sometimes necessary destinations require navigating gravel hills, sleet, and snow. It’s safer to be in a large truck or SUV when on tricky terrain or poor weather conditions. Larger vehicles were designed for these kinds of challenges, which is why you’ll see them easily making their way through a snowstorm when every car in the area stays home.

Another safety perk of many trucks and SUVs is their dependency on diesel. There are also some cars that take this type of fuel, but they’re rare. Gasoline can explode in certain situations, but diesel does not. This drastically increases your odds of staying safe in a crash, particularly if you get stuck inside the vehicle. With trucks and SUVs that use diesel, you don’t have to worry about explosions. This also means you can safely carry extra fuel with you in the vehicle (which isn’t recommended with regular gasoline). Avoid getting stuck without gas while taking on those back roads, all while knowing there’s zero risk of an explosion.

When shopping for a new vehicle, safety is at the forefront for many drivers. Look at the safety ratings and beyond. You’ll often find that trucks and SUVs already perform better than cars in standardized safety ratings. However, also consider what kind of vehicles you’re sharing the road with—increasingly, people are choosing larger trucks and SUVs. You don’t want to be the much smaller party in a potential collision.

The latest trucks and SUVs also come with state of the art safety features including backup cameras and top of the line airbags. You really can have it all, including great hauling power, storage, horsepower, and safety when you “go big” on your next vehicle purchase.

Whenever you step into a vehicle, turn the ignition, and hit the gas, the odds of being hurt exponentially rise. Put your mind at ease by making your next new vehicle something big and high off the ground to escape certain danger – perhaps a truck or suv?


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