5 Tips to moving on a budget

5 Tips to moving on a budget

Most people break the bank while moving and then find it hard to get back on their feet once they settle into their new home. Setting a budget and sticking to it can be challenging, especially if you have no idea where to start causing the moving process to be stressful and tiring both emotionally, physically and financially.

However, you can still move and enjoy the entire process without being stressed out. Whether you are relocating to a different locality or to a nearby neighborhood, it is possible to manage even when on a tight budget. Here are tips that you can use and still save money.

Sell or donate items

It is not every item that you own that you should carry every time you are moving. Select the necessary stuff that you need and set aside those that you can do without. More items mean higher transportation costs, especially the bulky ones. If they are items that you can easily replace once you’ve moved into your new home, sell or donate them, reducing the load and stress of finding ways to pack the items.

Use packing boxes

Find out if you can get high-quality boxes from a nearby store that you can use to pack your items, especially if you are moving to a distant location. When on a budget, boxes come in handy reducing the expenses by holding most items. Avoid using poor quality boxes to prevent losing or breaking items which might cost you more than getting a firm box that can hold even the heaviest of your household items. You can also get free quality boxes at Freecycle or Craigslist.

Hire professional movers

While many might see it as costly, hiring the services of professional movers is a great way to safeguard your items. Being a convenient transport option for those that are moving far, professional movers are fast and will do all the heavy work on your behalf letting you have enough rest. All you will need to do is pack your items in boxes and label them for ease in unpacking once you arrive at your new home. With their affordable rates, FoxRelocations.com.au offers a smooth move if you are moving on a budget.

Transfer Your Utilities

Planning beforehand will enable you to note every single penny that you will spend while moving. Make a list of all the current utilities as well as those that you will need to pay for when you get to the new house. Utilities that require fees and those that are paid upfront should be sorted before the deadlines to save you from extra charges.

Find out the payment systems for the basic necessities like electricity in your new home as well as clear all the current bills. This way you will have an estimate of how much it will cost you.

Check the season

For those moving in a short time, this might be a tricky option but it’s doable and saves a lot of cash if you have enough time to move out. During fall and winter, not many people move and it’s easy and affordable to get transport. Costs for movers are normally higher during the busy seasons when everyone’s moving.

The moving process is tough, but with the above tips, you can save money during the move.


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