5 Important Tips in Setting Up the Space of Your New Business

5 Important Tips in Setting Up the Space of Your New Business

New enterprises are popping up everywhere, and they are all exciting to witness. One of the leading factors supporting the rise of new businesses is the presence of business setup services in UAE. These solutions providers help entrepreneurs or small business owners and enable them to operate like any long-established enterprise.

With the services these business setup companies deliver, clients increase the potential of their operations for longevity and success. They can have the assurance that their new organization is compliant with industry standards with the help of PRO services. At the same time, the challenging components of operations can be made easier by outsourcing expertise for them through CFO services.

Therefore, if you are in the process of building your own company, you can expedite and simplify the process by tapping into the myriad services business setup solutions providers offer. Another one of the services some of them provide is a business center with serviced offices that you can modify to suit the nature of your day-to-day operations.

Space for Your Business to Grow 

Speaking of serviced offices for startups, they are keys to making a new business succeed. It is essential for every enterprise to find a space where it can thrive and that can be “structured” further for optimum functioning.

If you are building a new business and you are looking into such provisions, you need to choose from the diverse selection wisely and come up with a good plan for setting up the place. Setting up your workplace can be tricky, especially if you have unique methods required in your day-to-day operations.

But to make this task easier to accomplish, listed below are five of the best practical tips for space setup that have been proven effective by longstanding enterprises that also started out small.

1. Start out by determining the different tasks to be performed in the office 

This is the most important consideration in assigning sections of the space for specific functions. This will ensure the smooth flow of activities in the office to support your business productivity goals.

2. Maximize space 

Even if you are working with ample space for your operations, think about how you can create more negative space. Free space is crucial for the smooth and organized flow of people and activities.

That’s not all, though. Maximizing space will also help confine certain activities in a much smaller area, which is helpful for workers who need easy access to different things while working. This strategy can reduce the amount of time they need to get their tasks done.

It is also worth noting that with this strategy, you get to create room for growth. Should you need to hire a few new employees, it will not be too difficult to find a spot to place them in.

One of the best ways to maximize space is to install bespoke organizational solutions such as multifunctional tables, shelving, and cabinets.

3. Install movable and transformable solutions 

This is particularly important for smaller offices or workplaces. Movable and transformable implements can make space quite versatile.

For example, transformable dividers can easily alter the floor layout of the space and make it more appropriate for work requirements. It is the same thing with bookshelf cubbies that are popular movable storage solutions— they can also serve as room dividers, display cases, mini worktables, and others.

Don’t know where or how to start?

There are interior fit out companies that can easily provide these versatile office space solutions. The pros will assess your space and design functional fixtures and features to meet your operational needs.

However, if you are pressed for time or are working within a fixed budget, there are already serviced offices fully equipped with basic office equipment and furnishings so all you have to do is move in and arrange the place as you wish. Making sure you have space to grow as a business is essential, as you could be hiring people in many different roles, for example if you are a shared hosting company you are going to hire people such as a web host, web designer and a general manager.

4. Match people with the space 

Determine the number of workers you have and figure out a way to make them all comfortably fit into their assigned work areas. Getting this right means taking into consideration the nature of the tasks each of your employees perform.

Also, it is vital to make sure that there is no “overlap” or the tendency for one worker’s activities to spill over into another’s. Overlaps in workspaces can result in a toxic culture that can affect the quality of employee performance. As a rule of thumb, “Clearly define where one domain ends and where another starts.”

5. Consider aesthetics 

Studies reveal that making the effort to beautify a workspace can do so much in improving the productivity of employees as well as their happiness. People who like their work environment are more engaged and say they actually feel good about going to work every day and doing their job.

This only goes to show that setting up your workspace with aesthetic considerations in mind can boost your organization’s morale, so it is an absolute must to combine “pleasant form” with function.

So, if you are looking into serviced offices or commercial units for startups in business centers, use these space setup tips. With these, your new business can make the space it uses work to its best advantage and secure its success and future growth.


Raj Herry is the Founder and Chairman of Flying Colour Business Setup Services. His extensive experience comes from more than 15 years in the field of company incorporation for Dubai Mainland, all Free Zones across the UAE and offshore companies worldwide. He also owns several business centres offering furnished and ready-to-move offices in Dubai.


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