How to ensure 100% security at home: A race between homeowners and thieves

How to ensure 100% security at home: A race between homeowners and thieves

Although home is considered to be a safe place, but there is always an accompanying threat to everything. If you consider that your house is entirely safe and secure, you are wrong; there is always something more you can do in order to increase the security on your property. This rat race between homeowners and thieves is nothing new. These little tools listed below will make your life easier and safe.

Listed below are some of the ways to ensure 100% security at your home :

  • Install Spy cameras

There can be no better a way to increase the security on your property than to install some spy cameras. Spy cameras are best used to capture spy video footage, especially when you have a little baby looked after by a nanny. You can keep a complete track of your family and ensure complete security of your property.

How to ensure 100% security at home: A race between homeowners and thieves garage doors

  • Use metal garage doors.

Call for a professional garage door installer, like Associated Garage Doors,  and tighten up the security in your backyard. It is mostly advised to use metal garage doors, especially solid and strong steel doors. Look out for a garage door that is in sync with your establishment and ask yourself the kind of garage door you are looking for, whether- Sectional, Up and over, roller or side hinged.

Why are metal garage doors better than wooden ones?

  1. Security, steel garage doors are harder to break than wooden ones.
  2. Low maintenance cost.
  3. Steel doors are available with insulation.
  4. Do not melt or burn unless heated at very high temperatures
  5. Wooden doors are labor intensive and costly

We believe these reasons are enough for you to install a sturdy steel metal garage door on your property right away.

  • Double lock mechanism for windows and doors

Modern-day thieves have unlocked all the complexities that have come up on their way, using the right lock mechanism for your windows and doors can help you dodge their evil plans. Use automatic dual locks that permits only a single user for locking and release of the window and door locks making it an extremely safe and secure atmosphere for you on your property.

  • Get an alarm system installed on your property

Installing a burglar alarm system isn’t a requirement but a necessity these days. A burglar alarm system will provide a loud wireless indoor siren that alerts neighbours against potential intruders. Most of the home security systems have all the major and essential elements like audio microphone, camera, LED TV, digital screen, infrared sensors etc. required for increased security on your property. Advanced alarm systems with infrared sensors come with motion and vibration sensing technology that blows out the siren if it detects any human presence in its vicinity.

How to ensure 100% security at home: A race between homeowners and thieves glass

  • Install glass break sensors

Glass break sensors are best used in rooms with large windows and sliding doors. If you are planning a vacation and you do not have anyone to look after your house, install a home security system with advanced glass break sensors that blow up an alarm when the glass is broken. Most of the glass break sensors use an audio microphone that recognises the frequency of vibration leading to the breaking of the glass.  

Well, It is time for you to increase the security at your property and dodge the thieves and their evil motives. We have given you all the essential security alarms and tools that need to be installed at your house to keep your family safe and secure. Enjoy your vacation to the fullest with no worries of intruders looting your house.


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