6 New Products You Need In Your Life

6 New Products You Need In Your Life

Sometimes, you stumble upon a product that turns out to make vast improvements to your lifestyle and quality of living. Today, we will be taking a look at 6 new products that you need in your life.

SodaStream Power Metal Sparkling Water Maker

Carbonated water is beneficial to your health and lifestyle in many different ways. It’s refreshing, good for your digestion, and a healthy alternative to sugary soft drinks. It also relieves feelings of hunger and helps you keep up with your recommended daily fluid intake. The SodaStream sparkling water maker has a minimalistic and metallic appearance that will give a fresh and clean edge to your kitchen. It is the perfect appliance for someone that loves carbonated drinks, as you can make it at home at a fraction of the cost of bottled soda water.


Kodi is a free software media center that can satisfy all your home entertainment needs. You can use it on almost any operating system that allows you to use streaming media. It supports both Android and iOS, so you can use it on your mobile devices as well. Anything that you normally watch on tv can be viewed on Kodi as well, providing that you have the correct add-ons installed. This includes things like sport, documentaries, movies, tv shows, and more. Troypoint offers all the information you need to complete these installations successfully.

Good Cook Smart Ice Cream Scoop

If you have the Good Cook smart ice cream scoop, you can make the perfect ice cream balls with literally zero effort and time. This scoop has a unique design that is comfortable for left-handed people as well. It is made from cast aluminum and has a non-stick surface. Simply scoop up ice cream by squeezing the handles. The spoon will compress the ice cream into a perfect ball. When you release the handles, the ball will fall into your bowl. No need to bend spoons or scrubbing ice cream from the scoop itself.

EZDesk Magnetic Lap Desk

Transform your car or bed into a workstation with the magnetic lap desk from EZDesk. This whiteboard doubles as a table for your laptop, complete with a dock for your tablet or mobile phone. The desk is 20” x 14” so it’s big enough for gaming or working while small enough to fit on your lap while you are in a passenger seat of a car. The magnetic dry erase surface is perfect for making notes or drawing and it also has a graph rule overlay. If you are struggling to balance work and traveling, this is the perfect product for you.

Canyoze Smartphone Screen Magnifier

This 7.6” screen magnifier feature HD zoom optical technology to make your smartphone screen up to three times bigger. This magnifier has a stylish appearance and can be easily incorporated into your bedroom or living room’s existing entertainment features. This magnifier is ideal for people who like to use their phone for watching online videos or shows. The magnifier also has a holder for your phone and if you have a wireless keyboard, you can turn your phone into a mobile workstation.

Trudeau Multi-use Tie Wraps

If are trying to quit plastic, this is the product for you. These 6” silicone wraps are similar to cable ties, the difference being that they are more durable and can be reused for eternity. They can be used for sorting and securing electrical wiring, as keychains, to mark your drinking glass at a party, and even as a toy for your baby. The best thing about these tie wraps is the fact that they don’t contribute to the detrimental effect plastic has on the environment.


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