4 Advantages Of A Custom Made Engagement Ring

4 Advantages Of A Custom Made Engagement Ring

If you’ve already started comparing custom engagement rings vs. mass-produced ones, you’re headed in the right direction. As you’ll soon discover, bespoke rings have so many wonderful benefits over the rings found in retail stores.

Why a Bespoke Ring?

With the rise of online stores and retail stores, it’s become very easy to find an engagement ring with very little effort or thought. It’s convenient, yes, but does your fiancée appreciate it? She may have been dreaming of her perfect ring all her life. Just imagine how disappointed she will be when she realised very little went into buying her ring.

So, here are just a few reasons to consider a one of a kind piece for your beloved.

  1. Show your commitment

Choosing a bespoke diamond engagement ring truly shows how committed you are to her and your relationship. When you have a ring specially made, you get to be directly involved in the design process, expressing your ideas and ensuring the ring will be even better than the one that she ever wanted.

  1. A special ring specially for her

When you buy a ring from a retailer, you’re giving your beloved something possibly hundreds of other women already have. Jewellery manufacturers quickly churn out rings in bulk and then put aggressive marketing tactics to use to sell them. A custom ring, though, is made exclusively for you – it’s a true one of a kind.

  1. Special expertise

Bespoke engagement rings are crafted with an ever higher quality and attention to detail than mass-produced pieces. When you buy a custom-made ring from a skilled jeweller, you are assured that you receive specialised expertise. You just won’t get this calibre of quality from store-bought rings. See The Diamond Jewellery Studio collection for one-of-a-kind engagement rings.

  1. Courtesy and respect

A skilled engagement ring designer is a professional that cares about both you and your beloved and making sure you sweep her off her feet with the perfect ring. So, a designer will treat you with courtesy and respect instead of chasing after a commission. At the big retail stores, pushy salespeople tend to be motivated by their commission and are quick to pressure you into a purchase. After all, it is their job to sell you the most expensive engagement ring in the store, no matter what you or your soon-to-be fiancée might want. It’s one of the biggest reasons so many men dread the engagement ring buying process.

There are so many benefits to buying a bespoke diamond engagement ring for the love of your life. You can even customise the ring further with a special engraving, and you may just be surprised at how affordable a custom ring actually is. Instead of a mass-produced, store-bought item, consider a bespoke ring, created especially for your partner that reflects her style and personality, and your relationship.


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