Planning To Buy A Beach Chair: Here Are The Things You Cannot Miss!

Planning To Buy A Beach Chair: Here Are The Things You Cannot Miss!

Sand in your hair and salt in the air; yes that what it feels to be on a beach!

The soft sand, shady palm trees and warm breeze, what more could you expect from a seaside.  If you are heading to spend a vacation at such a beautiful location, you might be perplexed about packing all essential supplies.

No, you have packed everything; sunscreen, lotion, towel, beach-clothes, games, eatable, mat, etc, all packed?

Look over; Where would you relax: on the mat or at sand? Perhaps on a beach chair!

While relaxing on the sand is a good option, a beach chair provides comfort and will help you stay longer at the beach. However, if you are juggling to buy the one, have a look at some of the most relaxing beach chairs to help you make your decision:

Folding Chairs: 

There’s no denying that a day or evening at the beach can brighten up the mood. If you are heading to enjoy a day at the shore, a comfortable folding beach chair is what you can easily carry. It is comfortable and easy to carry. Moreover, it can be used by adults as well as kids to relax.

Planning To Buy A Beach Chair: Here Are The Things You Cannot Miss!

Make sure to consider the non-corrosive frames and tough fabric to have a longer lifespan of the chair. Also, look for the size as well as material to stay cool. If you are an art lover, customize the chair as per your personality.

Beach Lounge Chairs:  

Much like other beach chairs, lounge chairs offer comfort and make the day at shore more relaxing and soothing. Taking a nap has never been comfortable as that in lounge chairs.

Moreover, if sunbathing is what you love, they can be the perfect option to hands on. With a built-in-headrest, the best lounge beach chairs offer pure bliss and comfort. However, some lounge chairs have a face cut-out, so get ready to tan your stomach.

Further, the modern design lounge chairs come with great cushioning to maximize the comfort. Some brands also offer extended legroom to ensure utmost comfort on the beach.

Canopy Beach Chairs: 

If you want a complete beach-package, the canopy chair is ideal for you. It comes with an extended canopy that offers artificial shade to safeguard your skin from the UV rays. This can also be one of the best chairs if you want your hands free for other chores.

Most canopy chairs feature dual pockets that are perfect for storing things like snacks, drinks and other beach supplies. Also, note that some brands offer detachable canopy attachment while others have permanently attached one. Know your preferences and pick the one that suits you.

Wood Beach Chairs: 

As the name suggests, these chairs are made entirely from wood and have a longer lifespan. Since they never rust and are lightweight, it’s the common preference of all beachgoers. Also, wood chairs can withstand the harmful UV rays and are available in various designs and specifications. You can either go for folding beach chair or can look for the beach lounger in wood; the choice is yours.

Sand Chairs: 

Stylish, low-level chairs, they are simple in design and allows you to relax in any position. Available in different colors and styles, these chairs are enticing, and offer heightens comfort. Some brands also offer adjustable backs to rest under the shade.

While kids love relaxing on these chairs, they are not suitable for the people that have leg problems.

Padded Beach Chairs: 

Want some extra comfort and cushioning on your back and bum? Get a padded beach chair! Unlike other chairs, padded ones offer extra cushioning and comfort. Also, they are perfect for those who cripple by their lower back conditions. Besides, they are easy to carry and folds easily.

Now that you know which beach chair will match your style, have a look at the features you definitely cannot miss while making the purchase:

  • Cup Holder: 

The cup holder is perhaps the most important thing to look when buying a beach chair! Be it a single holder or many; it offers you the ease of accommodating whatever you drink. Also, with them, you don’t have to get out every time to put a drink.

  • Armrest And Seat: 

While beach time is to enjoy comfort time, the beach chair should have an armrest and padded seats. Not only the padded chairs add comfort to the stay at the beach, but they are also healthier in the long run.

  • Pockets: 

Do you carry reading material with you? Then look for the beach chairs that have pockets. Even if you are not a fan of books and magazines, the pockets come handy for holding things like sunscreen, cell phones and other essential items.

So, which beach chair will best suit you?


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