Important Tips to Get Your Home Ready

Important Tips to Get Your Home Ready

Whether it is cold, hot or wet outside, your home should be protected from all the type of weather changes. There is a need for maintenance for your home from the interior rooms to exterior landscaping. In this post, check out the important tips to get ready your home and mitigate the expected consequences.

Interior Home Maintenance Tips

  1. Caulk the Gaps

Caulk is helpful in closing the gaps around the house. Check out the gaps near the chimneys, window sills and slashes, inside door frames, gable moldings and inside corner formed by siding. Remember to pay proper attention for closing these gaps. This will help to prevent the cold, heat or water to enter the home from the gaps as sealing the gaps is also a way to 
soundproof the windows.

  1. Inspect the Furnace

Hire an HVAC professional to inspect the furnace and make sure there are no leaks. This will help to provide the heat with proper efficiency. There is also need to check the carbon monoxide ensuring purified air. It’s better to have the extra air filters and change them frequently in the few months.

  1. Proper Air Conditioning

It may be essential to cover the outdoor unit for winter if you have the centralized air conditioning. If you use windows for air conditioning then cover it otherwise there will be an air leak.

  1. Improve Insulation

If you don’t have the proper insulation then the cold air will seep into your interior. If the cold air enters your home then your furnace will have to work overtime to heat the home. This leads to higher bills and energy consumption problems.

  1. Programmable Thermostat

It is important to have the programmable thermostat. Buy the one if don’t have it. Set the lower temperature at night and when you go out. This will help to save a lot of costs.

  1. Home Safety

When you close your house or turn on the heat for the first time, you should make sure that you check all the safety devices. If possible replace the smoke detectors batteries and carbon monoxide detectors batteries. If you have any problem in maintaining electronic devices then you can contact Southside Electrician. Remember that your fire extinguisher is properly working and not expired.

Exterior Home Maintenance Tips

  1. Check for Cracks

Look for the cracks and seal them to prevent cold breeze to enter the home. They are also responsible for unwanted insects or mice.

  1. Roof Check

Have a visual inspection of the roof if it is properly placed or not. If your roof is flat then clean the debris or leaves.  Take the ladder and check the rooftop properly. Any leaks can cause the molds to develop in the ceilings or walls.  Check the gutter on the roof if their passage is clean or not. It can lead to unnecessary problems if it is choked.

  1. Clean the Chimney and fireplace

Make your chimney ready for climatic changes. The chimney debris can cause the fire in the house. The fireplace can provide the additional heat source during storms. If you have the fireplace then you have to clean the chimney and if possible make it inspect by the professional.

  1. Inspect the Deck

It is important to perform the deck maintenance timely to ensure the safety. Usually, fall is the perfect season to inspect the deck. Conduct the inspection and check for its durability if there are any stains or peeling paint or cracked caulk. The sealant should be in good shape which will prevent the warping.

  1. Seal Gaps in Driveway

After winter the temperature starts to drop and cause the ice to melt down and damage the driveways. Take some time to clean the driveway and seal it to protect from damage. Clearing the debris can extend the life of driveway and prevent the inconvenience caused due to that.

  1. Prepare the Garden

Inspect the trees for the damaged limbs that are approaching towards the roof. Cut it to ensure the safety and damaging the rooftop. Cut the shrubs or flowers as per the climate zone.  Remove the leaves from the yard. In fact, you can compost the leaf waste and save the environment. Alternatively, keep the garbage bags for community waste pick up facility. Check for the local city or town pick up the schedule for the waste. This will keep your home clean.

Apply lawn fertilizers to prevent the winter damage or spring weeds. You can check online which fertilizer to be used and when to apply. You can also take the help of landscaping company. They will provide you full lawn management service according to every type of climate.

  1. Close the Pool

If you have the pool and you’re living in the area where the temperature falls suddenly then you need to close it timely.

Prepare your homes for the climatic changes and take the precautions at right time to ensure your home remains comfortable to live in.


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