Careers You Can Do With Psychology

Careers You Can Do With Psychology


When you are working through high school and trying to decide what you want to do with your life, it can seem like an impossible decision to make. Most of the time you will end up choosing random subjects because your teachers pressured you into it or your parents wanted you to try new things.

One of the subjects which many people don’t know what to do with is bs psychology. Psychology is the study of the mind and it is all about how the brain processes information and how it reacts in certain situations. Although many see this as a pointless subject, the truth is that you can do many amazing careers with a psychology degree under your belt. Today we are going to take a look at some of the careers you can make in psychology.

Animal Whisperer

Psychology can be used for more than just the human brain. If you have a passion for animals and want to make a difference in their lives, you can become an animal psychologist and help animals who have behavioral issues or are of a nervous disposition. It can be amazing to see the transformation you can make to an animal’s life and how happy they can be with some mental training  Christian psychology degree.


The work of a clinician is to evaluate a patient and give them a psychological score depending on their behavior. You will work closely with a psychologist to help a patient work on their issues and overcome obstacles in their lives. It is a career which can give you many benefits.

Substance Abuse Counselor

With the rise of drugs and alcohol in the world, it is no surprise that this career can be a lucrative one if to decide to pursue it. There are people everywhere who are struggling in their lives and they fall into bad habits as a comfort. It can be a danger to their lives and this is where you can step in to help them get back on track with their lives. Becoming a counselor for cases like this is a privilege and you can make a huge difference in the lives of many.

Human Resources

If you have a psychology degree but you are not a fan of a clinical setting, you can start off in an office setting and work in Human Resources. Human resource personnel are important in making sure that workers remain happy in their job roles and that everyone in the building has the support and working facilities that they need. You will be able to work in a positive environment and make sure that a company is able to grow and develop in a happy place.

Family Therapist

One of the more popular careers in psychology is a therapist. You will be able to work with children, adults, for marriages and divorce to ensure that relationships don’t fall apart and that people suffering from stress can deal with their issues and get back on track. You can make a very lucrative income and be respected by everyone in the community.



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