Why You Need to Have a Skincare Routine

Why You Need to Have a Skincare Routine

Most skincare enthusiasts admit to wishing that they had started their skincare regimens earlier. Other than the beauty and elegance associated with smooth skin, there are good reasons for this argument because the skin doesn’t have age-specific needs. By starting early, one can realize other benefits like banishing possible chances of getting acne and enjoy the benefits of having a healthier, smoother skin.

Using a cleanser and moisturizer every morning and night is a great place for one start off their skincare routine. Dermatologists agree that for skin care does not necessarily have to be complicated. The basics like washing skin every day, moisturizing and always wearing sunscreen are the bare-minimums if one aspires to have glowing skin. Setting reminders on the phone, during the morning and evening hours can help ensure that one sticks to a skincare routine.

Once the basics are locked down, one can then proceed to incorporate other products to deal with specific concerns like acne and aging. For those who have skin issues like severe acne, eczema or rosacea, it’s best to first visit a dermatologist in order to get tips on the best prescription products to make utility of or the right medication.

Washing the Face

There’s no right or wrong way on how to wash the face, however, it is recommended for one to ensure that one scrubs the face occasionally. Doing so can lead to a reduction in acne levels since the process entails the removal of sebum and dead cells.

To get started, all one needs is some water and a cleanser. Washcloths and brushes are not really necessary since they cause irritation in some people. Cream cleansers are ideal because they tend to be gentle.


Moisturizing twice a day is important since it helps increase the water content of skin especially if one has dry skin, actively engages in swimming activities that dry out the skin or is exposed to dry weather. Those living in all-year-round humid weather conditions can resort to little or no moisturizing.

Naturally, skin cells exfoliate themselves with the passage of time, the process can be accelerated if the skin has adequate amounts of water. Notably, conditions like acne and eczema often flare up if the skin is dry and cool down once the skin is sufficiently moisturized.

Good moisturizers have humectant properties to attract water and occlusive elements to keep water from evaporating away from the skin. To skin soft, emollients like Cetearyl alcohol and lanolin are of the essence.

Sunscreen for the Win!

Irrespective of race, gender or age, we all need sunscreen, whether we are touring the great outdoors or engaged in indoor spaces. The trick with sunscreen is to always have one on because ultraviolet rays are able to penetrate through most materials and could have harmful consequences on our skin.

The darkening of the upper eyelids or Periocular Hyperpigmentation is one of the conditions that have been documented to be caused by overexposure to ultraviolet rays. To find out what the condition entails, Read More here.

Other than preventing such afflictions and other like sunburns and skin cancers, sunscreens play an integral role in the skincare world. They also help prevent the thickening and wrinkling of skin with the onset of old age. For more skin care tips and women’s health visit: https://www.lustaci.com/


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