All You Need To Know About Hair Extensions

All You Need To Know About Hair Extensions

During the last couple of years, hair extensions have become one of the go-to methods for hair makeovers. Adding a couple of extra inches or more volume to your strands has never been easier and cheaper. Those of you who are still new to the amazing world of extensions, might have some questions and that’s why we have decided to reveal to you all you need to know about virgin hair extensions. This article will cover all the basics and will help you decide whether this method of hair transformation is right for you.

Extensions Are Made From Different Hair Types

One of the first things you need to know about hair extensions is that they can be made out of synthetic or real human hair. Synthetic extensions use artificial strands that resemble real human hair and are the cheaper option. Human hair extensions are also known as Remy and are made from hair that’s collected from donors, which makes it more expensive. Both options can look really good and it’s up to you to decide which one is the right fit for you.

There Are Many Extension Types Available

What’s great about extensions is that there are so many different types available so everybody can find something that works best for them. Two main categories are non-permanent and semi-permanent extensions. The famous clip-in extensions and halo extensions (also known as crown, wire, or flip-in extensions) are what’s considered to be a non-permanent method. That means that you take the wefts off every day because they’re not attached using glue or tape. For example, clip-ins are installed using small clips which makes them really easy to attach and remove. Semi-permanent extensions are those that you wear for longer periods of time without taking them off. Those are tape-ins, micro ring, micro loop, fusion, and weft extensions. What makes each type different is the way that it is attached. For example, tape-ins are attached using tapes, fusion or keratin extensions are installed using hot glue and so on. For complete beginners, the clip-in method is usually recommended because it is so easy and produces great results.

You Can Choose The Length, Volume, And Color

When you shop for hair extensions, you will notice that you can customize them and choose a desired length, volume, and shade. The number of different options varies from store to store, but usually you can choose from 6 to 30 inches in length, and 40 to 250 grams. Grams are a unit for the weight of the hair which is what determines how full and thick it will be. You can also choose the shade that you prefer. Most girls go for a color that matches their natural hair color because that makes the extensions much easier to blend.

Wearing Extensions Doesn’t Damage Your Hair

One thing that you’ll often hear about is that extensions are bad for your natural strands. That’s actually a common misconception and it is not true at all. If the installation has been done properly and you take care of your strands, there is no chance of any damage. Even if you wear extensions for longer periods of time, your natural locks will still be flawless and damage-free.

It Is Very Easy To Install Them

Another cool thing about hair extensions is that most of them are a breeze to install. For example, clip-ins can be attached in mere minutes because it’s so simple and easy. That means you don’t have to go to a salon and pay extra money for the installation, simply do it at home by yourself. The only methods that are a bit more complicated are keratin and micro ring extensions so those are better left to the professionals if you don’t know what you’re doing. You can, however, still apply micro ring extensions with a pair of micro ring pliers and by following some simple steps.

Extensions Are Generally Affordable

Many people are under the impression that quality extensions are simply too expensive, but that’s not the case. You can actually purchase good quality Remy wefts for an affordable price and if you’re on a tight budget, you can always go for synthetic hair which is really cheap.

Hair Extensions Are Undetectable

One of the most common questions regarding extensions is will other people notice them? The good news is, no, when installed correctly hair extensions are indistinguishable from real strands so everybody will think it’s your real hair. Also, they blend really well so it’s really hard to notice where natural strands end and extensions begin.

Extensions Can Last For A Very Long Time

Hair extensions don’t have to be just a short term solution because many of them last for a significantly long amount of time, but this is influenced by a couple of different factors. Firstly, Remy extensions tend to last a lot longer than their synthetic counterparts. Also, the overall quality of the hair makes a big difference. So if you’re looking for hair that you can wear for months on end, go for high-quality human hair.

Extensions Need To Be Maintained

It is a fact that hair extensions will solve all of your hair problems, but that still doesn’t mean you don’t have to take care of them. If you want your new hair to look flawless and last for long periods of time without any deterioration in regards to quality, you need to maintain it. That includes washing, using quality products, frequent brushing, and proper storage.

There Is No Better Way Of Transforming Your Locks

To conclude this list, it should be emphasized that hair extensions are proven to be the best method of making your natural strands longer and fuller instantly. If your locks are really short, waiting for them to grow nice and long can be a long and boring process. But if you add a couple of wefts, you will get the desired length in an instant. Isn’t that amazing? Also, those of you who have naturally very thin and fine tresses can get amazing volume which will completely transform your look. So if you still haven’t tried wearing extensions, now is the time to do it and be one of those girls with flawless looking locks.


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