A Guide to Choosing the Right Security Camera

A Guide to Choosing the Right Security Camera

Surveillance cameras can be pretty useful, especially if you have a large business and need to keep everything that goes on in your company in check. Do you have the feeling that you need to get a security system if you don’t have one? That particular feeling can be enticing at first, but getting a suitable system is something else.

 So, you finally decide to visit an electronics store to get this system – you peruse through several brochures and see a couple of snapshots for security cameras. What next? You turn around and leave and say to yourself, “I’ll buy the system some other time.”

Now hold on there! Who said you were not going to have an exhausting experience when selecting the best system to suit your needs? With so many options, camera brochures and product shots, you couldn’t expect the least.

With the vast array of surveillance cameras, finding one is a real hassle, I mean, if you do not have a proper guideline of how to select one. Do you want to visit a store next time and turn to go home with something on your hand? Well, check out the following guide tips:

Do your homework

Do you want to walk into that camera store with confidence and select the best product? Okay, you have to be well-informed first. Do your research to be familiar with the subject of surveillance cameras to know what to expect when you go to purchase one. Always be sure to seek the advice of a security professional to assess your property and advise you accordingly on the type of camera that you need to get. To enable you to get the full picture on pricing and pan tilt zoom camera camera quality, a highly trained security professional would also show you footage recorded from different camera types before you commit to any decisions of purchasing one.

The value of the system

Every soul out there wants to be economical as much as possible, especially in business matters. Just so you know, you cannot afford to go for something extra cheap. I mean, I guess you could, but it is expensive. How, you ask? Within a short time, you would be forced to replace it when it becomes malfunctioned.

You would rather buy quality surveillance cameras within your business or personal budget even if it means walking out of a store with one or two cameras. You can always buy more later on as you progress. That is much better than buying a bunch of cheap unbranded cameras that would make you have regrets as to why you bought them in the first place.

Consider the capabilities of the surveillance system

It is also important to consider the basic specs of a camera such as its data storage memory, the lens, and the wide-angle degree. This would enable you to determine the level of satisfaction that you would get from your product. For instance, how far do you want your camera to view particular subject?

If you want to view more than a human target, say your neighbor’s property to the left and right, you will consider getting a system with a greater wide angle. As for the storage, cameras with additional hard drives or storage devices that are network-attached have a greater capacity to store information.

Always look at the warranty

Just because you have bought a sophisticated security camera doesn’t mean that something cannot go wrong within the time frame of your purchase. Speaking of warranties, don’t look at something with a six-month product guarantee – it won’t be of much help to you. A security company that is highly reputable would give a warranty of up to three years and even go ahead and offer professional installation services or a self- install option.

Consider what you want your camera to view

Do you want your camera to capture objects within the range of say a human ringing a bell or up to the front of your driveway? This aspect would enable you to get a proper view of your targets to reach a maximum effect based on your concerns. In the case where you want to view a broader range, you should opt for a camera with a great depth of vision and dynamic field, which is 360 degrees in this case.

The position where you want to set your surveillance cameras

You should always set your camera in a good position, no, the best spot actually to capture everything that is going on. This aspect would be determined by your security needs and the relief of your business or home property. You do not want to peep through the window from the comfort of your home or office to see every figure that walks into your compound. Setting surveillance cameras outdoors to cover an entire perimeter of your property will enable you to have an effective early-warning security system.

Decide the type of camera that you want to buy

This factor would be determined by your long-term and present security needs as well as the quality of the image that you want to achieve. In this case, going for a basic analog camera would give you low-resolution images of people and also areas in your business or home premises.

On the other hand, an IP or HD camera has a higher resolution to enable you to view a picture that is far more enhanced and at the same time retain the quality of images to enable you to view specific subjects and details such as the plates of vehicles. This type of camera also has a zooming digital intelligence, whereby you can view particular details with the least struggle.

Check wiring for sound in the surveillance system

It is quite logical that you would want to see every figure that walks into your premises and also hear what is going on. For this matter, you should consider checking wiring installations for sound before you purchase your surveillance system. Although most quality cameras have built-in microphones, it’s always good to make sure that your camera has one that is highly effective.


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