7 Tips to Build Lean Muscles and Get in Shape

7 Tips to Build Lean Muscles and Get in Shape

I would bet, you’re one of them who is interested in getting leaner and fitter because – it’s something many of us would like to do, being a bodybuilder or athlete.

Though we’re not interested in losing the weight but it’s always stated as a goal because it’s required to get your body in shape.

Everyone wants to build muscle mass, get in shape and able to be physically active but the stress of our lives and frustration always force us to live an unhealthy lifestyle. Here I’m sharing the 7 tips to build lean muscles and getting in shape.

Increase Your Training Frequency

Hitting the gym 2 times in a week is fine when you just want to maintain the muscle and fitness you already have but you want to build lean muscles then you’ve to increase your training frequency from 2 times to 4-5 times in a week even you perform short-term workout sessions with significant recovery time. This increase can be very helpful for you to build muscle mass and getting leaner faster.

Increase Your Reps and Workout Sessions

It’s true that performing 8-12 reps range is effective for building muscle mass and maintaining the strength. However, for stimulating muscle growth, it’s highly recommended to increase your workout sessions per week and try 12-16 reps range to see noticeable results in your muscle building goals.

Avoid Cardio Exercises

Your body requires calories to build lean muscles but if you’re doing some kind of cardio exercises then you’re losing calories that your body would have used in building the muscle mass. So, it’s highly recommended to not to go with cardio exercises but focus on weight training. However, you can use cardio exercises to warm for 2-5 mins.

Give Proper Recovery Time to Your Muscles

Your time in the gym is when you committed to building muscles mass but you also need to know that recovery time is most important as well since it’s necessary for repair and growth of your muscle. Make sure you’re getting proper nutrition, supplementation and consistent sleep.

Get Nutritional Supplements

You can’t build lean muscles faster if your body doesn’t supply essential nutrients and vitamins to your body. By eating food, it can be a little difficult to ensure the proper supply but there are some effective supplements that can help you get ripped fast. You can read Trenorol reviews and Clenbutrol reviews to see how they proved effective for their consumers. These will definitely hook up your performance and make you feel full and confident.

Get Enough Protein

You know that proteins are the building block of muscles so you need to add a lot to it to your diet. If you’re unsure how much protein you need on daily basis then use a simple formula, just multiple 0.7g to your weight (in Pounds). Stick with it!

Get More Sleep

Sleep is the most important aspect of your life, when it comes to daily life, it’s important for you but when you’re committed to your bodybuilding goals then it becomes most important for you. Your body requires 7 to 8 hours of sleep so your growth would release and keep your stress level maintained. According to National Sleep Foundation, average adults need 9 hours of sleep in a day and no excuses for it.


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