Why Brisbane is a Good place to Start a Family

Why Brisbane is a Good place to Start a Family

If you are reading this, then you may be considering moving out of the country. There are so many choices and it can be so hard to pick where you want to move to. It makes sense because this is a huge decision. If you have a family, it is an even bigger decision. Brisbane, Australia can be a wonderful place to live and start a family. We are going to give you some reasons why Brisbane is such a great place to live and raise kids.

Good variety of demographics

This city has plenty of people from different backgrounds. You have professionals in the city, young families raising children, retired people and you have international students going to university. You and your family will still get to experience a variety of cultures.

Great healthcare

Brisbane has 8 major public hospitals, 4 major private hospital facilities, and smaller facilities as well. Its hospitals are world class and you will be able to actually afford healthcare because Australian healthcare is government subsidized.

Lots of parks

Kids love parks and we love taking our kids to the park.  There is no shortage of cool parks for your kids to play at in Brisbane. There is also no shortage of parks to have picnics at. Brisbane is a very green place to live.

Great education

Some of the best schools in the country are in Brisbane. Your children will have access to the University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology and Griffith University. The University of Queensland is ranked fourth in all of Australia. That is no small feat for a country with some pretty solid universities.

Good public transport

There are all different kinds of ways to get around in Brisbane. They do a good job of providing public transit options. You have busses, trains, and ferries. There are even bus-only lanes that allow buses to travel very quickly from place to place.

Nice weather

The weather is amazing. If you came from a climate with freezing winters, you are in for a wonderful experience. It is sunny for most of the year. It averages 283 days of sunshine per year.


You have amazing beaches within an hour of Brisbane. You have mountains in the west and you even have great theme parks like Wet’n’Wild and movie world. Then, you also have the beautiful Brisbane river.

More affordable than other cities in Australia

Brisbane is a much more affordable place to live than Sydney or Melbourne and you really are not missing out on much except higher living expenses and that is a great thing.

Less traffic

If you have ever been stuck in traffic, then you can really appreciate this. Brisbane has less traffic and the roads are far less congested than the roads in Sydney. This means that getting around will be an easier experience for you. You will save time on commutes and be able to spend that extra time with your family.

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