The Overall Benefits Of Comfy Tops and How To Make Them Fashionable

The Overall Benefits Of Comfy Tops and How To Make Them Fashionable

When it comes to everyday fashion, one might think the idea of comfy tops are just reserved for stay-ins and casual hanging out with friends. However, with enough styling, even the comfiest of tops can turn out to be the most hip outfits for everyday use. What’s more is that comfy tops have overall benefits the everyday fashion enthusiast should tap into.

It appears “fashionable” is not just a matter of choosing the right clothes, but “living” them. University of Hertfordshire professor Karen Pine said this is because people have a tendency to “adopt” the qualities and symbols of clothes they wear. Business Insider added that clothes also not just affect a person’s confidence, but also how people perceive them. This is why people tend to relax more in casual clothes, and act differently in formal clothing. If that’s the case, do comfy tops really make a fashionable impact? Let’s take a look at the benefits.

  • They give a new definition to “easy on, easy off.” Why make life difficult with snaps, hooks, and buttons? Easy to wear and easy to remove clothes like trapeze dresses, drawstring shorts and pants, and stretchy fabric can greatly enhance comfort wherever you are. In fashion, it’s highly recommend you prioritize comfort first before design. After all, what use is a fashionable dress if it’s extremely uncomfortable to wear?
  • They help give a simple yet stylish vibe. If your work attire is generally “casual,” try opting for a shift dress as it’s easily appropriate for most environments. Shift dresses are by nature tailored and sleek, though it’s not necessarily restrictive. Plain shift dresses can easily be augmented with accessories and jewelry, which means you can let your accessories accentuate your clothing without you wasting all that effort to find the “perfect fit.”
  • They easily match with complementary and contrasting colors, making fashion extra easy. If you’re one to have a hard time choosing clothing combinations, comfy tops tend to easily be matched with bottoms of a similar or contrasting design and pattern. As such, much of the “fashion” is really left to accessories and the little details such as accessories and shoes which, if you like the extra challenge, can give new meaning to “the devil is in the details.”
  • They pave way for comfort and style. Comfy tops aren’t just stylish on their own, but rather they pave way to other forms of comfortable clothing as well. As stated above, easy on and easy off clothing such as comfy tops tend to be matched with comfortable pairs of pants and skirts as well, meaning you’re most likely to pair comfy tops with comfortable bottoms as well. This adds an entirely new dimension to your wardrobe, as you’re not limited to the maxim, “it’s either a dress, blouse and pants, or the work uniform.”
  • They make high heels look bad. Comfy tops can be a great way to save your posture and your feet from having to wear high heels, as comfy tops give new meaning to stylish yet low maintenance. Comfy tops are best matched with flats and sneakers, providing you with more fashion choices than just sticking to your casual pair of high heels.
  • They can be low maintenance, meaning they’re apt for both emergencies and The Overall Benefits Of Comfy Tops and How To Make Them Fashionable woman in streetanticipated events. Comfy tops often tend to be machine-washable, which means they can stay as fresh as you need them to be. Some can even be washed on cold and dried on low, making these clothes last much longer. Why opt for dry-cleaning only, which can be extremely expensive and usable for very few circumstances?


When it comes to the overall benefits of comfy tops and how to make them fashionable, it’s a matter of finding the right kind of balance you need. Comfy tops can look hip and fab, but in the end, utility and purpose still plays a big role in determining the way you should style your top with the rest of your outfit. Don’t forget to make sure you train on exuding the right kind of confidence to make sure the best of the comfy top is brought with each and every step as well.

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