Dealing With Hassles While Running Your Home!

Dealing With Hassles While Running Your Home!

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Running a home is no easy task. There’s always something that needs doing or something that needs paying, keeping on top of everything so that everything runs smoothly can be tricky. Most of us are doing this around full time jobs or raising kids- it’s no wonder we’re always so busy! Home is where the heart is and it’s the most comfortable and relaxing place to be, however keeping it up to scratch does mean dealing with all kinds of hassles. Here are just a few of them.

Insurance and Warranties

None of us want to think about something going wrong in the home, but if the worst were to happen- you need to be prepared. Having insurance to protect your contents and the building itself are essentials. In some instances, having a home warranty in place instead is the way to go, Florida Warranties explains more on this. If someone breaks into your home and steals your possessions, vandalises the building or it’s struck by a natural disaster then you need to know you won’t be left out of pocket. Things like mortgage insurance and boiler insurance are examples of other specific kinds of insurances you could consider too based on your personal circumstances.

Safety and Security

As well as insurances to protect against the worst, you should also be taking home security seriously. CCTV and a burglar alarm can act as both preventative measures, and are also useful if an attempt is made. These days you can buy smart CCTV that links directly with your phone so you can keep tabs on your property regardless of where you are in the world. Technology can definitely help you to keep your home safe, another thing you could do is have smart lighting fitted. Here you can turn lights and lamps on and off remotely, meaning if you’re kept late at work or even on holiday, you can turn your lights on and off from your phone giving the appearance that someone is in. Safety is another thing to think about as the person that runs the home. You should have the correct fire extinguishers throughout the home, and regular checks of things like gas and electrics should be conducted. Install smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms, and be sure to test them regularly.

Pests, Mould and Cleanliness

Keeping on top of the housework is something that we can all struggle with at times. But to properly enjoy our homes as well as promote good mental and physical health, our properties should be kept clean and tidy. How about implementing a chores table where everyone in the house has to get involved? Otherwise you could create a cleaning schedule and stick with it. Often, ten minutes a day to wipe down counters, run the vacuum and pick up any odds and ends can help things ticking over until you can clean properly. You could make putting bleach in the sinks and toilets and emptying the dishwasher part of your evening routine. A clean home makes it easier to spot and deal with pests as quickly as possible, and habits like opening windows and using extractor fans can keep mould at bay. As well as your regular weekly cleaning, don’t forget every season to do things like wash curtains, clean carpets and rugs, windows and other chores that don’t need to be done more regularly. Staying on top of things as much as possible is key, and it makes it easier to maintain a good level of cleanliness. If you have a more serious problem that you can’t fix yourself such as a mold problem, a clogged drain or a gutter that needs replacing, services like GetAssist can help you find a local professional who can help complete the task!

Energy Efficiency

We all know that we should be doing more to help the environment, and makiing changes at home is actually one of the best ways to go about this. Large changes can involve having solar panels installed, or having cavity wall and loft insulation fitted. Small changes can involve switching to energy efficient bulbs, and switching off lights and appliances after use. Using less energy at home helps the environment as every time you use energy this is powered by fossil fuels. Composting at home is another good idea, this can help to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill and also gives you free compost to use on the garden!

Paying Bills

Bills are the bane of most of our existence. They need paying every month so never go away, and sometimes we’re hit with a large unexpected one out of nowhere which can leave us in a pickle with money. Using a budgeting and bills app can help to make life easier, or you could write everything out on a calendar or notepad. Find a system that works for you, so paying the bills is as smooth as possible. One method could be to set up a separate account for your bills, and transfer money into it each month. Set all of your bills to come out by direct debit. It’s always worth putting some money away for a rainy day. That way if you do end up with an unexpected bill you can pay it off and dont need to worry about falling into debt or going into arrears.

Restock and Replenishing

Making sure you’re not running out of things is another hassle you have to deal with as a homeowner. From cleaning products to toiletries to pantry items, you need to ensure that your ‘stock’ in the home is being replaced as (or before) it runs out. There’s nothing more frustrating than realising you’ve run out of something important like bin bags or pet food! Writing to-do lists and shopping lists can help, as well as checking your cupboards before going shopping. That way you’re not buying repeats of items too so could reduce waste and save yourself money. If you notice something is running low, pop it on a list so you remember. Having a storecupboard of backup items can be useful too, everything from toothpaste to bags of dry pasta! Buy things when they’re on sale to save yourself cash, you could build this up over many months.


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