Redefine the way you market your business by investing in Instagram

Redefine the way you market your business by investing in Instagram

Life is full of ups and downs. No matter whether it is in the case of living or nonliving things, the life of everything keeps changing. I think this is what nature has in store for us. Probably that is the reason there is a life cycle for everything.Considering the present scenario, marketing has become so strong that it can make or break an identity.Marketing even though is linked with the business aspect, today it has become a significant concern that everyone has to consider. The need of marketing in today’s life has become so crucial that even you as a human being want a good job offer, you need to present your skills and capabilities in the job or employment market to avail good offers.   

The marketing orientation is dependent on the following aspects:

  • Consumer: A business can survive successfully as long as it can produce and supply the goods the customer is willing to purchase.  So, customer or consumer’s tastes and preferences play a vital role.
  • Organizational: Every department in business should function properly for the success of the entire team. Just one department working and all other departments are not functioning properly will lead to miscommunication and failure of both products as well as the business. A collective, co-operative and coordinating effort of the team members is the requirement of the day.
  • Satisfaction of Firm as well as Consumer:  In case of a transaction of a sale in the market economy, the firm earns revenue leading to profits and the consumer gains the satisfaction of fulfillment of want/need.  The sale may be cash or credit, the relationship between the two is maintained.

A proper distribution channel is essential for marketing

Marketing of any firm depends basically on product, price, promotion, and placement. Every product has a different marketing strategy, and the person doing this job should be aware of the market situation as a proper product launching in the market is very important. Next comes thepricing. Pricing of the product should be competitive in the market – nor too less nor too high when compared to other products of the same line. Price of the product is the final amount the consumer pays for the purchase of the product. Placement refers to the distribution of goods.  Once the product is ordered, the producer or manufacturer has to take care of how the product reaches the consumer.  So a proper distribution channel has to be selected. Promotional activities play a major role in retaining the product in the market.  A creative approach in this regard will help to do the job.  It involves everything related to marketing communication, i.e., advertising, trade shows, sales promotions, exhibitions, etc.

Previously the marketing team used to use the help of huge banners, pamphlets, newspaper advertisements, or advertisements in media like radio or television.  These are good sources of promotions.  But as time is moving fast, innovations can be found nowadays.  One such innovation is Instagram.

Instagram – Proved to be a user-friendly and popular social media platform

Thanks to Mr. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger who have created such an application which enables the user to messagealong with the use ofinstant camera and telegram facilities installed in the application.  It works better on any systemwhich works on internet platform such as smart mobile phones, Desktops, Laptops, etc.  Nowadays, almost everyone has smartphones available to them.  So, communicating the messages is faster and smoother. Instagram has proved to be user-friendly and very popular in social media.  Anyone can easily upload or download photos, videos, and other messages once they install this application on their systems.  Sharing of photos and videos has become very easy through Instagram. One can also getreal Instagram likes in some ways, and it is indeed essential to ensure business expansion and promotion.


Using the latest technology, the marketing team can plan their actions to present their product in a better way.  Since Instagram provides its users easy and user-friendly photo sharing facility, marketing of products is possible as the marketing team can send the messages regarding its sales promotional offers to its consumers directly.  Creating awareness in its consumers becomes easy as the information can be passed very fast in the group and it approaches more and more people in less time.  Instagram has proved to be a wonderful resource for any marketer. One can succeed if the resource is used in the right way.


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