Blue kitchen cabinets designs that you can apply in your own home

blue kitchen cabinets designs

Gone are the days that kitchen cabinets should just be neutral colors, there are now different designs and colors that you can choose from and one color that is making its way into interior design is blue. The color blue is a calming color and it also triggers feelings that is about peace, quiet, relaxation, expansiveness and grandness. Nothing beats your stress as much as a sunny day under a blue sky or gazing out at a blue ocean. When you use the color blue inside your house, it can create the same kind of space, luxury and tranquility as it has outside of your house. It is also known to reduce stress and to help you slow down your heartbeat and to lower your blood pressure.

This is just one of the reasons why blue kitchen cabinets are now making its way into the interior design world. Instead of settling for the typical white kitchen cabinet, you can try coloring your kitchen cabinet with blue shades in order to let them appear bigger, cooler and more relaxing. Blue can also suppress the appetite, so this is perfect for those who are conscious about their eating habits.

With these benefits being said, here are some home DIY tips for blue kitchen cabinets designs that you can apply in your own home.

Picking the right kind of shade for your blue kitchen cabinets designs

There are hundreds, if not, thousands of shades of blue that you can choose from and it will also depend on your décor preferences and the overall style that you want for your kitchen. If you want the darker and of the color scale, then you can go for a navy-blue kitchen cabinet that can bring your kitchen to a twist of luxury. If you go for the lighter end of the scale, then you may want to have a light blue kitchen cabinet because it will give off an airier coolness to your kitchen. While in the middle of the scale, you may opt for midnight blue, deep sky blue, denim blue and Persian blue. Coastal Plantation This blue kitchen cabinets designs are covered with lovely soft coastal blue color that is soothing and pleasant to the eyes. Cobalt Contemporary If you are a fan of the Jetsons, then you will love this shade of blue all around your kitchen. Dream Island This colored centerpiece is dreamy, and it can give off a relaxing vibe all around your house

Mixing and matching kitchen cabinets

In order for your blue kitchen cabinet to work the way that you want it to, you must mix it and match it with other colors in the kitchen. Check how the blue complements the color of the other areas of the room and the accessories. You can mix blue and grey since it is the most popular trend. This kind of combination is close to mother nature. The mixing and matching of colors in your kitchen cabinet is endless since there are hundreds of ways that you can match blue with other neutral colors. What is important is that you go for the color that will match the feel of your home overall, and it should also give off a relaxing and peaceful aura. This is also one of the reasons why mixing blue with grey is the most recommended option for those who wants to switch their kitchen to blue cabinets. And of course, you need to modernize your kitchen in order to complement its new color and its new feel.


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