4 Reasons Why Working from Home is Awesome

4 Reasons Why Working from Home is Awesome

Historically, working from home has been viewed as almost the easy route or the easy way out in regard to not having to deal with the discipline of coming into the office each and every day. It has been viewed as a slacking type of lifestyle in the past where one is allowed to sleep in, laze around, and generally not get anything done.

However, over the last decade or so, working from home or remotely has become a more acceptable way of getting work done. In fact, being at home can sometimes decrease distractions and allow peace and quiet where otherwise interruptions would occur with other employees.

Regardless of how one feels about working at home or remotely, there are awesome advantages of taking the leap and being allowed to work from anywhere. Here are four of them:

1. Not being tied down to one location

Just because you take the leap to work from home, it does not literally mean you have to be at home to work! You can go to the coffee shop, you can take your work on the road, you can work on an airplane, or you can work at any time. Traditional work hours find necessity to block out vacation times and be more rigid, but working remotely allows you to actually go on vacation and work while balancing life at the same time!

2. Having your own schedule

Working remotely can often mean that the hours of work are very flexible at the same time. If you do not have to be physically present, it can often mean that interactions with other co-workers do not necessarily have to be live either. Because of this correlation, as long as deadlines are met, work hours can be flexible. So, kids can be taken to school, workouts can be in the middle of the day, naps can be taken, etc…as long as the work is being accomplished on-time and in the appropriate quantity, your schedule is now truly YOUR schedule!

3. Avoiding inter-office employee politics

Love interacting with people but need to avoid the time taken to gossip and stir things up within the office? Working remotely allows you to avoid all the politics and the bureaucracy in the office. Because not physically being present does not allow for down time with other co-workers, those times of boredom no longer become times of gossip and malice. Less malice and politics equals more productive work time for you and more successfully launching the reason why you work: your career.

4. Saving time and money

When the costs of commuting to and from the office are eliminated, not only will you see a jump in your bank account, but you will also get back the more priceless portion of your value: your time. Clothing maintenance and food preparation no longer becomes as forefront as it used to be in an office environment, and the time once needed to maintain all of those preparations and services is now back where it belongs: in your control!


It is my sincere hope that you find these reasons awesome from working at home and are also able to work remotely given your chosen career. While in the past working from home was seen as a slacker type of negative request, these days it is becoming widely acceptable and common. This acceptance will allow for greater productivity and more freedom and control in your life: take advantage of it and love it to the fullest!

Have some other reasons why working at home is awesome? Or, have some reasons why it just is not possible for you to on a day to day basis? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions in the comments area below.


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