Bespoke High Jewellery Pieces You Can Add to Your Collection in 2018

Bespoke High Jewellery Pieces You Can Add to Your Collection in 2018

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The 2018 Paris Haute Couture Week awed and charmed the audience showcasing one-of-a-kind high jewellery pieces from the world’s most prestigious jewellery houses. The abundance of these dazzling pieces was not only breathtaking but also mouth-watering. It was as if these bespoke jewellery pieces were crafted by the gods for the gods. And by gods, we mean the 1%, when much of the uber-chic and wealthy flock to France to watch the unveiling of these extravagant collections, and possibly shop at the end of the event.

This year’s collection blends unusual gemstones, innovation and highly technical designs to give birth to museum-worthy pieces that you would think twice storing in your safe.

Let’s check out this year’s showstoppers that you can add to your collection, only if you’re ready to lose an arm and leg in the process. Prepare to be stunned!

Chanel and L’Esprit du Lion CollectionBespoke High Jewellery Pieces You Can Add to Your Collection in 2018Taking major inspiration from the king of the jungle, every single piece of the 53 L’Esprit du Lion Collection features a lion’s head. This is of no surprise since Gabriel Chanel, who is a Leo, was a bit obsessive about the lion, her sun sign.

In fact, the lion has not only been used in many of her collections over the years but also is a common symbol in her home. However, this time, the lion takes centre stage in L’Esprit du Lion.

Take for example Chanel’s “Timeless” brooch in 18-carat yellow gold set with a 1.01 ct round-cut diamond, 44 round-cut yellow sapphires, 21 fancy-cut yellow sapphire and 251 brilliant-cut diamonds.

The L’Esprit du Lion collection is about power and strength, taking cues from the king of the jungle’s personality. Just look at how the bold pieces encrusted in jewels of warm colours come together in Chanel’s “Passionate” necklace below.

This bespoke jewellery features 18-carat yellow gold set with 29.65-carat octagon-cut orange topaz, a single round-cut diamond, 82 fancy-cut multi-coloured sapphires and 942 brilliant-cut diamonds. Is she just picturesque?

Dior and à Versailles, Pièces SecrètesBespoke High Jewellery Pieces You Can Add to Your Collection in 2018Dior unveiled Dior à Versailles, pièces secretes in celebration of the Palace of Versailles. The collection features rings, necklaces, watches and earrings in yellow, white, and pink gold, with emeralds, diamonds, rubies, beryls, rubellites, tanzanites, spinels, opals and sapphires.

Inspired by the mysteries of Versailles’ royal palace, hidden boudoirs and private passages revealed 36 incomparable creations for the collection.

Pictured above is the beguiling, rare Cachette Tirior Opale Claire ring in yellow and pink gold with white opal and diamonds. The dazzling centrepiece stone opens to reveal a little drawer underneath. This should help you anytime you need assistance in finding a ring.

Meanwhile, Dior’s Vanite Rubellite necklace features a skull underneath the large centrepiece stone, which is a recurring trope, a reminder of what lingers long before one is long gone.

Boucheron and the 160th Anniversary Famed French Jeweller

Boucheron kicked off 2018 by unveiling its couture high jewellery pieces as part of Vendôrama, an immersive exhibition at the Monnaie de Paris. The collection entitled Vendôrama is a mesmerising look at the past, present and future of Boucheron.

As a continuation of the brand’s love for animals and nature, the new collection features new forms of bestiary like the one pictured below.

Bespoke High Jewellery Pieces You Can Add to Your Collection in 2018

Boucheron’s Foxy the Fox pendant in white gold set with a kite aquamarine and sapphires and paved with diamonds.

Continuing the theme, Boucheron’s Hummingbird ring in yellow and white gold set with a yellow beryl, yellow sapphires, two emeralds and diamonds. Doesn’t it just speak to your inner love for nature?

Boucheron’s iconic the Plume de Paon ring in pink gold paved with diamonds re-works the peacock feather motif, taking the shape with lightness and following a woman’s body curves.

Chaumet and Promenades Impériales

Bespoke High Jewellery Pieces You Can Add to Your Collection in 2018

The first chapter in Les Mondes de Chaumet, Promenades Impériales pays tribute to Russia with 11 exquisitely crafted high jewellery pieces that each captures the Siberian winter’s bright light and wonderful hues. This collection promises to take the audience on an enchanting journey to places bearing special meaning to the 238-year-old Parisian maison.

Les Mondes de Chaumet in particular is actually a series of collections dedicated to 3 months of the year, namely, January, June and July. Promenades Impériales honours the deepest point of winter, which is synonymous with the characteristics the frosty weather of Russia.

Chaumet’s winter theme lends a certain tone to the colour palette of the jewellery, hence the white gold and colourless diamonds.

Tinting the monochrome colour pallet is the 5.01ct Ceylon sapphire, which reflects the sky’s ethereal blue, while the 3.11 ct Ceylon Padparadscha sapphire orange-pink shades are reminiscent of the dawn and dusk.

Promenades Impériales includes delicate brooches, an exquisite transformable necklace, a graceful bracelet and bold rings.


There you have it! Paris Haute Couture Week’s alluring museum-worthy bespoke jewellery pieces are expected to be timeless. Breathe in that sense of enduring beauty and grace which is the luxury that we all deserve, and perhaps need right now.

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Bespoke High Jewellery Pieces You Can Add to Your Collection in 2018

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