5 House Features That Can Do Better With Metal Work

5 House Features That Can Do Better With Metal Work man

Do you know why you should choose metal over other materials for some of the most important features of your house? Do you prefer beauty to safety? What if you can get both at your desired rates? Sounds lovely, ain’t it?

Metal structures can be galvanised to prevent corrosion and painted to achieve a glossy finish. They can be stain-proofed, waterproofed and are already fireproof, making it a wiser alternative for your house features.

Exciting Metalwork Ideas

With years of industry experience and technical expertise, Weldwide experts have come up with interesting metalwork ideas just for your house, such as:

1. Decorative fencing

Is choosing concrete or wood as your fencing material solely based on the texture it provides? Aren’t you aware of the fact that metal fencing can also be made decorative with the latest machinery? You can carve everything on a piece of metal, design it in a structure of your choice and get it installed at your place with ease nowadays. Professionals can provide you with the design and texture of your choice; something that suits the interiors of your house.

5 House Features That Can Do Better With Metal Work fence

2. Gates and windows

Haven’t you heard about the benefits of metal gates or windows with grilles? The safety of your loved ones and valuables should be first on your priority list, and to meet your security requirements, metalwork is more needed than desired. Metal gates are nothing new, but since the past few decades, people have shifted to hardwood gates because wood offers opacity as well as beautiful designs. It also allows you to install curtain holders, locks and other essential items whenever and wherever needed.

5 House Features That Can Do Better With Metal Work gate

3. Structural metalwork

Structural metalwork for backyard features is gaining popularity because the malleability and ductility of metal allow it to be moulded into different shapes and sizes, keeping its stability and strength intact. Structures like hammocks, swing sets, treehouse staircase and water feature railings are preferably made from metal because it is easier to clean and install, requires less maintenance, can be welded with the help of an expert, like Weldwide, in your desired shapes, is season-proof (doesn’t get damaged in winter, summer or any other temperature conditions) and can cater to all your other requirements with ease. Such structures are usually on a strict budget, making metal structures more desirable because of the cost-effectiveness of this material. If you have hired experienced professionals, then they can also suggest you other materials that can go with your metal structure like cushions for your hammock or matted-surfaces for your swing sets etcetera. Always choose a metal structure for such requirements to stay tension-free whenever you are lying on your hammock, or your children are playing on the swings.

5 House Features That Can Do Better With Metal Work

4. Staircase

Which is the right material for staircases: wood, concrete or glass? What if all these are not the best material for your place? Metal is the correct answer for both, steps as well as balusters. Metal staircases offer you the option to combine it with any of the other material mentioned above. Metal baluster with wood or concrete steps, metal steps with glass baluster or an entirely metal staircase can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your place remarkably. It can be designed in a surprising range of textures, preferable for both outdoor as well as indoor staircases.

5 House Features That Can Do Better With Metal Work railing

5. Outdoor furniture

The best material for patio furniture has always been metal, though, in the recent years, people have started choosing timber furniture because of the better aesthetic appeal that it provides, but metal has again beaten all the other materials by providing buyers with beautiful and efficient furniture options. It is easier to move to a new place, better for houses with kids, can be folded & stored when not needed and stable enough to keep weighted products, whenever required. Cleaning metal tables and chairs do not require many efforts because of the various chemicals coated to its surface to make it glossy and corrosion-free; making it a more convenient choice for outdoor chairs and tables, which are susceptible to dirt every now & then.

5 House Features That Can Do Better With Metal Work table


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