7 Essential Life Skills Which Are Not Taught in Schools

7 Essential Life Skills Which Are Not Taught in Schools

In today’s fast-paced world, learning has gone beyond what we are taught in schools. Scoring good grades is important, but when it comes to real-life challenges, your grades will be the last thing to help you.

You might wonder, if not the grades, then what does it take to become a successful person? Well, it’s a combination of psychological and physical skills that drives success and help you lead a fulfilling life.

Here are 7 essential life skills, which are a must for one and all.

Listening Skills

We know how to speak and make ourselves heard, but when it comes to listening, many of us fail terribly. Developing listening skills is important because unless you listen carefully, you can’t understand what is asked and what is expected of you.

If you want to be a good listener, here’s a simple exercise you can do. Sit down with your friends and start a random discussion related to their interests, goals or anything else that completes their routine. Ask questions in order to get into the details. Make them speak and listen as much.

Not to be impulsive

More often than not, decisions made in haste are regretted later. The pre-owned car that you bought recently turned out to be a lemon, or the phone you purchased on a whim has burdened you with monthly EMIs beyond your budget. That’s a clear indication of being impulsive.

Before making any decision, you need to stop and think of all the possible outcomes and long-term consequences. Weigh the pros and cons before making the final call.


There’s so much in this world to explore and appreciate only if you think beyond yourself. Being empathetic is all about identifying with others’ emotions and perspective, or put simply, walking a mile in their shoes. Being empathetic will help you in different aspects of life and business, such as building personal and professional relationships, avoiding conflicts, etc.

Everyday Skills

Knowing everyday skills, such as cleaning, driving, gardening, painting, etc. are going to help you throughout your life. While DIY skills can help you save money, driving skills, on the other hand, enable you to commute at your convenience. There’s no going around learning these everyday skills, especially driving, because you can’t always have someone around to drive you where you want to be. That’s why driving schools, like Jason M Thorne, exist to help people learn to drive confidently.

Financial Intelligence

A financially intelligent person knows how to make ends meet on a strict budget. This is something that is never taught in school but still holds great significance in the real world. Financial intelligence is:

  • setting priorities to sail through your ‘broke’ phase
  • making meaningful investments to grow your wealth
  • cutting cost without cutting corners


While you are reading this, you might be waiting for a result or a movie release or seeking a response from someone. Amidst all this, you are losing track of other important things at hand, and that’s where you need to learn to be focused. You will want to understand that there are a few things you cannot control, and having patience in such situations is important. But it is more important to stay focused on things you can control and don’t want to blow up.

How to be Happy

Most people associate their happiness with materialistic things and end up disappointing themselves. Happiness lies in helping others without expecting anything in return.

You go to work every day and wonder how to derive happiness from what you do. In that case, try to help the person sitting next to you. Helping others achieve their goals brings true happiness, and that’s what we, humans, are designed for.


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