Getting employed in moving services consider Bellhops Moving

Getting employed in moving services consider Bellhops Moving

Many people like to do jobs which include moving from one place to another. They like to travel to a new place. Many students don’t want to waste their time but look for such jobs related to moving students and others. Bellhops moving is the first and the dominant company in this field which is founded in 2011, and it’s headquartered is in Chattanooga, TN. It securely employs college students to offer them with moving and lifting services. It can be around the city centers and mainly launched to provide moving services to a community of their respective market.

Benefits of bellhops:

  • Flexibility – by working in their company, you get flexibility on working time which depends upon you. Anytime you are unsatisfied with their job; you can get your overall salary. Also. You can decide if you want to work to provide full service, DIY, or anything in between. It can be beneficial for that student who is focused on his study so that he can do multiple tasks along with a job.
  • Job details in control – The main benefit of bellhops is that it allows their employees to control details like their moving schedule, how much they can lift, what products can be placed, and what size truck is required for their need.
  • Smooth – They are known for making their employees appreciative by performing good salary and maintaining it. There are many people who are satisfied with this job. They are long known for offering their job. Also, it is found that procedure is less for getting employed in bellhops. Just you need to go through background check and get registered with .edu email address; it can ensure if you are a college student or not.

These are some of the benefits of bellhops moving.

How do Bellhops work?

Getting employed in moving services consider Bellhops Moving couch

If you are the one looking for moving services, then you should be sure to take bellhops services which are reputed and long known for their appreciable work. Customers mainly use online order flow to reserve the time they need for their services. Also, you need to pay for some hours you need services. This company provides both complete moving services which include truck, movers, and equipment. Employees are given well training to get prepared for serving their customers. They are well trained, and they know how to deal with furniture.

They arrange everything in no time. Costs depend on a place by place and availability. There is a different cost for an emergency need of mover labors. Each move comprises with one captain who leads their other employees called a wingman. Bellhops recommend their customers o place order at least 48 hours before to guarantee fulfillment. They may ask you if want to schedule time personally.

When movers begin, they see their tasks through on-site app-based technology. They also get to know the direction and time to reach their destinations. Customers get a notification at the time movers reached to their door. In the end, they will clock out in the same manner as before. The customers will then get a confirmation email so they can confirm completion and length of the time. If you appreciate their work, you get an opportunity to serve them with the tip. Also, you can show it through rating their services. Once, it is confirmed, the customer gets an email with a receipt.

Why choose bellhops over other traditional moving company?

Bellhops are a simple, modern alternative to expensive big box moving brands. They are affordable and combine advanced technology and an educated college workforce who dedicate their unique and features stress-free moving services. With them, you get to book online in minutes. Also, you get guaranteed booking with the information containing one full day of notice. It is like cashless when you work with them as you go pay-as-you-go pricing.

Equipment available for your move

With their services, they come equipped with dollies, blankets, so you can make sure your day runs smoothly. They do not provide packing materials or box in their services which is why they are good. If you are taking bellhops services only, then they will not provide equipment, tools or supplies. You may use equipment of your choice. With their load or unload services, you may provide your necessary equipment, but they will not provide with equipment, supplies or tools. In-home move services are there where you can get services for moving furniture or other equipment with your home. If you want you can provide them with tools you want.

How bellhops differ from other traditional, big boxes movers?

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  • Quick and easy – They provide with quick and easy services which are not available to others mover. They are fast and 24/7 online, so you can place your order anytime you want. A procedure is easy, and any ordinary people can order them for moving services.
  • Smart movers – Their employees are well trained and know how to communicate with their customers. Many movers don’t offer this quality which is why they are not successful. Bellhops’ movers are attentive, dedicated to phenomenal moving experience with big smiles and positive attitudes towards any task. They are powerful and got enough strength to move any furniture to the next place. They are skilled and go through hard training course and background check to get employed for their moving services.
  • Professional drivers – In addition to it, they hire professional services for selection of cities so they can drive safely to get their job done. Whether you need to transfer your furniture and other products to any place, they can do such task easily ensuring no items get broken in transit.

These are some of the points that describe why bellhops are different from any other traditional movers. They can accommodate up to four rooms smoothly. They are perfect in their job that gives them any task, and they will be able to take it to the next place safely. They are affordable in such a way that you will be unable to get such services from other companies.


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