7 Incredible Cleaning Hacks for Every Homeowner Out There

7 Incredible Cleaning Hacks for Every Homeowner Out There

If you want to create your own tasteful space, there’s no going around cleaning, mopping, washing and wiping – does that sound like a lot of work for a busy individual like you?

Between work and social responsibilities, it’s really difficult to take out some time for cleaning, and we can totally feel you.

Which is why clean smarter not just harder

Cleaning doesn’t have to cost you much of your time and efforts, and that totally makes sense, because there are several better, smarter ways to handle a tough cleaning job. That being said, here are 7 tried-and-tested cleaning hacks to make your cleaning chores easier and life simpler.

If you love your pets, you’ve got to clean their mess

7 Incredible Cleaning Hacks for Every Homeowner Out There wiper blade

Pets leave fur and hair on the carpet, upholstery and all over the house, which is unsightly, unhealthy and difficult to clean. The cleaning specialists at Pristine Home advise homeowners to remove pet fur and hair from carpets, using a window squeegee. A window squeegee is a handy tool that can be purchased online or from a store near you.

Mirror-Mirror on The Wall

7 Incredible Cleaning Hacks for Every Homeowner Out There woman in mirror

The longer you put off cleaning your bathroom mirror, the dirtier it gets and thus, becomes more difficult to clean, unless you know this easy hack. Clean your bathroom mirror with shaving cream for instant results. Apply shaving cream on the mirror, leave it for a couple of minutes and simply wipe away the scum to get cleaner, clearer mirror every day.

Shower Curtains

7 Incredible Cleaning Hacks for Every Homeowner Out There shower head

Most homeowners avoid cleaning their shower curtains regularly because of a lot of time and efforts involved. Sending shower curtains to laundry is also an option, but that will cost you a lot of money if you do it frequently. To save your time and money, wash your shower curtains in the washing machine, with baking soda, and then rinse it with vinegar to remove soap scum. Let the curtains dry naturally, and within a couple of hours, you will get clean and fresh shower curtains with minimal efforts. Cleaning shower curtains regularly will prevent mildew growth, and your shower will look clean and inviting.

Window Cleaning

7 Incredible Cleaning Hacks for Every Homeowner Out There mirror

Cleaning windows with detergents and tap water can be frustrating because no matter how much time you spend, the windows will get dirty in the next few hours. The reason being, when you clean your windows with tap water, a layer of minerals is formed on the glass surface, which is worsened by the sticky residue of detergent. As a result, the surface tends to attract dirt quickly, making your windows dirty sooner than expected. The better way to clean windows is by using deionized water, which is free from minerals and works efficiently without detergent; hence, no residue; no deposits; only clean windows for a long time.

Fix Scratches on Wooden Surface

7 Incredible Cleaning Hacks for Every Homeowner Out There wooden floor

Whether it’s floor, vanity or furniture, one needs to be extra careful when using wooden items. If there are unsightly scratches on your wooden floor, sometimes, it doesn’t make sense to cover them up everywhere with a floor mat or carpet. And nor are you required to spend on wooden floor repairs. You can get rid of these scratches to a great extent by rubbing them with raw walnuts. Your floors will be as good as new in minutes and not hours.

Red Wine Stains

7 Incredible Cleaning Hacks for Every Homeowner Out There wine stains

Wine stains are dreaded in every household because they are very difficult to remove. However, it can be easily done – the trick is to act swiftly. One more important thing to keep in mind here is that the wine stain should never be rubbed. The right way to start is to dab the stain with a damp cloth. After the excess wine is absorbed by the cloth, apply salt and let it sit for a couple of minutes. The final step is to flush out the stain by pouring hot water from a height of at least 7 inches.

If you know some more cleaning hacks like these, feel free to share in the comment box.


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