7 Ways to Deal with Back Pain If You Are a Teacher

7 Ways to Deal with Back Pain If You Are a Teacher

In most cases, people that attend clinics complaining about back, shoulder and neck pains are usually teachers. Studies have shown that the causes of these problems are mostly linked to the set working environment of the teachers.

For instance, primary school teachers have to assist their students who usually sit at low-level tables, and therefore they spend many hours bending forward.

Similarly, high school teachers spend a lot of time sitting while assessing and marking papers. They are also forced to adapt difficult postures while writing on the boards as well as having to carry too many books at once.

Most of the study instruments are designed to suit the needs of the young kids, but they forget to customize them to suit the needs of the teachers too. They can also try these posture exercises to deal with pain and fix bad posture all at the same time.

This is because the teacher will be bending, reaching and lifting while trying to adjust posture to fit the set designs of these chairs and tables.

A study has shown that two in every three primary or early-years classrooms workers have received treatment for back or joint issues.

This is mainly as a result of having to work in child-sized environments. Some of the teachers have incurred massive expenses while seeking treatment for back pain from different clinics.

7 Ways to Deal with Back Pain If You Are a Teacher

Ways That Teachers Can Apply To Deal with Back Pain Issues

Teachers have an excellent opportunity to play a huge role in the lives of their students. However, they might face many difficulties that may lead to low back, shoulder or neck pain.

Besides, they can also result to headaches, stress, tired feet and aching legs but the major problem that teachers face is back pain due to spending several hours standing or sitting.

The following are the 7 ways that can help you deal with Back Pain if you are a teacher:

1. Avoid Lifting Heavy Classroom Equipment

The other primary cause of back pain for teachers is lifting heavy equipment in the classroom or lifting several books at once in high schools.

It is therefore advised to avoid lifting heavy equipment or adopt a proper lifting technique that will not cause any injury. Besides, you can use a wheeled trolley to transport heavy equipment or heavy paperwork to prevent lower back pain.

2. Avoid Standing for long

In most cases, teachers are forced to stand for many hours while teaching or demonstrating something in class. This places an extra burden on the legs and the low back, which may result to poor posture. Moreover, after prolonged standing the hard surfaces may cause further complications.

To avoid this, it is recommended for a teacher to use a specially designed floor cushion or chair that allow low sitting. Besides, the teacher may use a high stool rather than having to stand for long hours.               7 Ways to Deal with Back Pain If You Are a Teacher

3. Learn How To Improve Your Posture

The other major cause of back pain is maintaining a poor posture for long. This leads to overstretching of back muscles and joints, which causes frequent pain and joint problems.

You can visit a physical therapists or chiropractors as they offer home and work instruction to patients to help in relieving back pain.

In case of regular joint pains, you can as well look for proven joint pain supplements that are designed to offer vitamins for joint relief. These supplements help in relieving the joint pain that may result from prolonged standing or sitting.

4. Stretch and Move Around

It is also advisable to stand, stretch, and move around the classroom frequently to help in relieving the pressure on your low back, which result from sitting or standing for long.

Therefore, as a teacher you can create a habit of getting up and walking around after every 20 minutes or so. This will help in preventing any problem associated with prolonged standing.

5. Arrange Items on the Desk

The other important thing you can do to deal with back pain is to ensure that you arrange all the items that you need on the table.

This ensures that you avoid stressing now and then as you reach for these items. Besides, it is also a way to avoid keeping on lifting heavy objects that could cause an injury to your back or joints.        7 Ways to Deal with Back Pain If You Are a Teacher

6. Maintaining Ergonomically Correct Work Stations

Finally, the other major factor that causes back pain to teachers is to work in an environment that is set for kids. Primary or lower classrooms are characterized by extra low sinks, small chairs, and tables, which teachers are often forced to bend or stretch to reach when attending to the young kids.

Therefore, it is essential for a teacher to request that the class contain customized versions of equipment that suits the needs of the teachers.

7. Wear Supportive and Comfortable Shoes

Teachers cannot entirely avoid standing, as they may be required at one time or another to stand to teach or demonstrate.

Therefore, it is advisable for them to wear comfortable but yet supportive shoes to ensure that the lower back is not subjected to any extra pressure. This also helps in preventing ankle pain due to wearing shoes that cause a serious strain on your feet.

Wearing a comfortable and supportable pair of shoes also gives you the freedom to move around the classroom while assessing the work being done by the students. You can even to choose to wear shoes with orthotics if it becomes necessary.


Overall, back pain is a common problem that affects most teachers. Different studies have shown that many teachers are usually absent from their place of work due to musculoskeletal disorders.

However, there are several ways that you can use as a teacher to improve your health. This includes using all the 7 ways mentioned above such as ensuring that your working environment is customized to suit your needs and adopting proper techniques to lift things while in class.

The other important thing to do to deal with back pain is stretch and move about in every 20 minutes. Therefore, if you experience back pain while standing or sitting, you should know that help is available.

7 Ways to Deal with Back Pain If You Are a Teacher

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