Keep Your Dog Healthy The Natural Way

Keep Your Dog Healthy The Natural Way


Our dogs are an important part of the family and they are often our best friends too. This year as you step into a new way of living and start paying more attention to your diet, it might be worth trying to find foods which help your furry companion stay in shape too. Dogs can eat hits a lot of the same foods as humans, and they benefit highly from small additions to their diet which can help their cognitive performance (fish oil for dogs), relieve joint pain (turmeric) and even improve their eyesight (carrots). Here are some of the foods you should try and incorporate into your animal’s diet this year to keep them healthy.

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter is one of the most popular things to give to your dog as a treat because it keeps them occupied and it is incredibly nutritious for them. It is packed full of healthy fat and protein to keep your dog strong, and it also had lots of vitamin B and E to keep your dog‘s coat shiny and thick.


Chicken is a healthy source of protein for us and many other animals including cats and dogs. If your dog ever has an issue with digestion or an upset tummy, the best remedy you can give him is a bowl full of chicken and rice. It will settle their stomach as well as keep them healthy and strong.


Although you might think that cheese is the last thing you should be giving to your dog, it can actually be a brilliant snack and even used as a treat during training. It is high in calcium for strong bones, has plenty of protein and is easy for them to digest.The only thing you will have to note is whether or not your dog is lactose intolerant.


Carrots contain lots of amazing vitamins and minerals which are brilliant for your dog. They are low in fat and high in fibre which makes them incredibly healthy as a snack, and if your dogs chews on them raw it can help their teeth too!


Providing that your dog is not lactose intolerant, yogurt can be a good addition to their meals every day. If you mix some yogurt into their food each day it can benefit their healthy massively. Yogurt is full of protein and calcium which works to keep your dog’s bones strong and healthy, and it can help your animal to digest their food. Yogurt contains probiotics which aid in digestion.


Your favourite fall time vegetable isn’t only great for carving up into scary faces… it can also be a great addition to your pets food every day. All you need to do is cook off some pumpkin without any spices and sugar, and give it to your dog with their food or as a treat. It is full of vitamin C, protein and plenty of fibre. If your dog is having a rough time with their stomach this can help settle it.


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