Don’t Ignore These Three Health Changes!

Don't Ignore These Three Health Changes!

We all lead such busy lives. Between work, looking after children, running a home, seeing our partner and keeping up with friends, it can feel like we have no time for ourselves. So it’s really no wonder that we can fall into a bit of a rut, and sometimes not look after our bodies as well as we perhaps should. If you know that you haven’t been eating, sleeping or exercising as well as you should have recently then your body will likely be giving you some telltale signs. If you’re experiencing any of these, it’s time to give your lifestyle an overhaul for the sake of your wellbeing!

Don't Ignore These Three Health Changes!

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Your Skin, Hair and Nails Aren’t at Their Best

Our skin, hair and nails are a reflection of internal health. When we’re not eating the right amount of vitamins and minerals, our bodies are unable to perform to their best potential. When you’re not giving your body everything it needs, your skin, hair and nails will all show this. Hair can become dry, brittle and even fall out entirely. Combining a healthy diet, vitamin supplement and a hair loss shampoo such as can all help with this. As women, our hair is so much more than ‘just hair.’ It’ part of our identity, and so losing it or it changing texture can be incredibly worrying. Hair loss is often noticed after rapid weight loss, and some people report big clumps coming out and even thinning hair. Thankfully this is almost always temporary, and once your body has recovered from this stress the hair begins to grow back as normal. But it goes to show just how sensitive it is to the chances in your body. Acne and skin conditions are another example. In many cases acne is hormonal, and therefore there’s not much in the way of lifestyle changes you can make to improve it. In these instances, medication from the doctor is needed. However there are some forms of acne which are triggered or at least made worse from a poor diet and poor cleansing techniques. Avoid acne trigger foods, and eat lots of ingredients that skin loves- fresh produce and whole grains are examples. Carefully remove makeup, oils and dirt from your face before you sleep, this prevents pores becoming clogged leading to breakouts, and allows your skin cells to regenerate. So you can help to avoid premature aging too. Nails can become weak and brittle, and are prone to breaking.  Excessive drinking, illegal drug use and smoking can also affect your hair skin and nails. Look after your body overall and improve your general health, and your appearance will follow.

You’re Way Under, or Over Your Recommended BMI

BMI is one of the most efficient measures of weight for most people, as it takes height and gender into consideration. Knowing what your BMI is, and getting into that range where possible means you will avoid all kinds of preventable illnesses. Obesity related illnesses such as diabetes, stroke, heart issues and even joint problems can all pose a huge problem. Being underweight can lead to malnutrition, bone issues, fertility problems and much more too. Work out what the magic number is for you, and adjust your calorie intake and your exercise in order to reach it. When you’re at your ideal BMI, you’ll look neither too thin or too large. Your body will perform at its best, and you’ll feel your best too. If you’re way under or over these numbers and are struggling to get them in check, it can be worth speaking to your GP. They may refer you to a dietician, or give you advice and help to put you on the right path. Being the right weight will allow you to feel more comfortable and more energetic too. If there’s one thing you can do for your body it’s this, you could save yourself a lot of illness and pain over the years, and literally add years to your lifespan. We all want to be there to spend time with our kids, grandkids, even great grandkids

You Feel Tired, Sluggish and Lacking Energy

Again, tiredness and lacking in energy can be a result of a vitamin deficiency. If you feel dizzy and lightheaded, you could be dehydrated or lacking in electrolytes. Tiredness may also be a result of a mental health issue, depression and anxiety can both cause problems with sleeping which will leave you feeling exhausted in the day. Perhaps bad habits mean you go to bed late, and are then up early for work. Either way, a lack of sleep is incredibly damaging to the body and brain. It can cause everything from accidental death (due to tiredness) to heart and brain issues in the long run. Do what you can to sort out your sleep schedule, go to bed earlier and stop using screens an hour before bed as they affect the chemicals that cause us to wind down at night. Get into a routine and try and stick with it. If you’ve tried everything and are still not having much luck, speak to your doctor. If you invest in a fitness tracker, not only can you track calories, water intake, heart rate and exercise but you can also track your sleep too. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly how much sleep we get so something like this can be ideal. Not only will you know how long you slept, but will know your sleep quality too. If you get consistent alarming results then this is something you could chat to your doctor or a specialist about. Sleep is important for every function in your body and brain, getting this sorted will enable you to feel so much better in every way.

Don't Ignore These Three Health Changes!

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There are certain health issues that you should never ignore. If you’re experiencing any of these three things, it’s important to put them right as soon as you can.


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