3 Ways to Drive Sales with The Combo Power of Email Marketing and Instagram!

3 Ways to Drive Sales with The Combo Power of Email Marketing and Instagram!

Some business owners believe that email marketing is dead however this is not true. Email marketing is very much alive and can be used for effective marketing of your business. You can drive sales with email marketing and get a strategic edge in the market. Now, most business owners do not know how to combine the two and get a winning combination for their business. This post will give you an insight on how you can combine email marketing and Instagram to drive sales and increase returns on investment for your business with success!

3 Ways to combine Email marketing with Instagram

The following are easy ways via which you can optimize your Instagram profile with email marketing-

  1. Add a sign-up form to your Instagram profile- It is prudent for you to add a bullet-free email sign up form to your Instagram profile. This form should be added to the bio section of the form that is reserved for the URL of your website. The insertion of this form will help you generate leads for email marketing with success. Create your form in such a way that they have slots to capture what your followers like when it comes to their preferences and tastes. You should also provide an incentive to your followers so that they take time out to fill in your form.
  2. Provide relevant content that will help you to nurture leads- Once you have captured leads, you should understand the preferences of your customers. This is how you can get more followers for Instagram. The trick here is to understand their purchasing patterns, their recent buys, their history as a customer and more. It is true that making a sale is your prime goal however it is crucial for you to provide them with a good buying experience along the way. This will make them happy, and the number of customers will increase gradually. Your customers will be happy with their buying experience, and this is where they will recommend you to others for sales.
  3. Build your email list with time – To drive consistent sales for your brand, it is crucial for you to build your email lists with time and patience. Once you have built your list, you can promote and market your products in a simple way. Your leads are made, and all you need to do is promote your brand with good content and attractive offers.

Email and Instagram should be combined to give you the strategic edge in the market. It is important for you to plan your emails carefully and ensure that they have an attractive subject line that catches attention to convert leads into sales. Remember most of your leads will come from Instagram however sometimes these leads are buried under the posts of other people. This is why it is crucial for you to be proactive and use the power of email and Instagram to attract people and convert them into loyal customers for your brand! Also, you should check out The Small Business Blog for additional resources on how to drive business through these and other techniques.

Author Bio: Doreen Welsh is a social media planner and manager who encourages clients to use email marketing along with Instagram to increase followers for Instagram and returns on investments for their business.


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