How to Choose The Best Quality Canvas Prints

How to Choose The Best Quality Canvas Prints

Have you ever give a thought about why these canvas prints are so popular? What’s the big deal with them anyway? Well, then you should know that this sort of technology of turning photos into canvas prints didn’t exist 15 or 20 years ago.

Canvas printing has become the ideal way for the people to turn their photos into canvas print because of the growing surge in companies offering its clientele new and varied options to print their photos.

With the changing times canvas printing has become a new upcoming career option for many people. The rise in e-commerce industry and extreme competition, you will find a wide range of companies offering best quality canvas prints in Canada or wherever you happen to be in the world.

  1. Image Resolution:

Image quality at large determines the best canvas print and there is no argument in that. If you want the best quality canvas prints but your image fails to be of the required resolution then it’s doubtful if your image will be good, whichever company you choose to get your canvas printing done from.  This is one of the main reasons why a majority of people don’t get a perfect canvas print.

Well, if you are wondering how to determine the image resolution then there are some specific guidelines you need to follow. For instance, if you want to print Facebook photos it is best that you opt for small canvas prints or for collage you can go for bigger canvas prints, this goes same for Instagram which is up to 50x50cm.

  1. Is your photo really worth printing?

Ok, we understand this question might seem silly at first but you should know that it’s not viable possible that every photo be printed on a canvas print. In most cases, a canvas printing company will generally print only if the photo quality is good enough and will give the desired results to be printed on canvas. And that is because many factors play roles when printing your photo on the canvas such as digital noise, poor lights and the image size.

You need to understand that getting the best quality canvas prints is totally dependent upon a well-taken photo. For instance, sometimes resolution though might be good but yet the actual photo is not great which makes it quite harder to get the best quality canvas prints.

  1. Photo Composition:

This point is highly crucial in determining the photo will look after being printed on canvas prints. When you take a shot and have higher image resolution with everything in focus with good light whether it is a photo of family get together with kids and the whole table of food, empty glasses of wine and plates too as a part of the picture, imagine how hard printing that can be?

It is very hard to get perfect composition every time. A bad composition means photos of kids and animals around or a tall person in front of the little person say a kid which results in the poor photo which cannot be printed to get a great canvas print.

  1. Style and Shape:

Style and Shape of print play a vital role in a great canvas print. By style, we mean you have options of making a canvas print of a single image or you can choose to club a bunch of photos together to get a collage. While going with collage style option you can also choose to organize your group of photos like a grid or randomly organize it in a custom style.

You can choose from a vivid variety of shapes and choose a can vas print in Square, landscape, and portrait or panoramic. Check out the Tasmanian landscape art prints for inspiration. Get creative!

  1. Print Quality of Canvas Printing Company:

This point is totally for the company. While choosing a canvas printing company you have to ask various sorts of questions such as what type of technology are they using to print? What sorts of inks do they use? What type of canvas do they use to print or the canvas material? Pretty exhausting right? Don’t be afraid to ask these questions since that print, after all, is going on your wall. Pixa prints have a variety of different canvas’ for you to choose from, you can also personalise them so it can be that extra special.

Many companies use pigment inks because it lasts longer and is less vibrant than other inks. Laminating your printed canvas is also very important and using an HVLP spray system can be a great choice.


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