The Differences between Laser and Older Radar Detectors

The Differences between Laser and Older Radar Detectors


There is a big difference between the modern laser detectors and older radar detectors. For instance, while older radar detectors used radio signals to detect the presence of police radars, modern detectors rely on a semiconductor to generate laser beams. In fact, because of their use of laser technology, new-age detectors are also called “ladar” detectors. These small devices posses a lot of power, however. Older and young affordable radar detectors have been helping drivers stay safe for yours. Driving and paying attention has never been easier.–

Modern detectors are also much more reliable than their traditional counterparts. But modern police guns have both laser and radar technology. But that is not an issue as long as you are using a good radar detector.

However, there are instances where the police, to avoid detection, use laser guns that produce much narrower laser beams. There is nothing older detectors can do to identify and warn you about such signals, but good quality modern detectors are able to identify these narrow beams.

Nevertheless, even these detectors are not that reliable when it comes to warning you about police guns using narrow laser beams.

Typically, a laser detector can identify a signal in just a third of a second. Furthermore, their effective range is usually about six feet in around 2,000 feet of space. For this reason, these gadgets can identify police traps in a timely manner.

That said, there are some downsides to using laser detectors. For instance, dust and water particles can critically hinder their ability to detect police gun signals. So, don’t expect very good signals when it is dusty or rainy.

And also, despite their glaring shortcomings, traditional detectors do have a place in the modern world. That is because even today, many state troopers and policemen rely on radar guns based on regular radio wave signals. And traditional detectors are still pretty good at picking up these signals and warning drivers about their driving speeds.

The only problem is that traditional detection technology has nothing to offer when it comes to identifying signals produced by laser-based police guns; and most modern police guns rely on this technology. So, older detectors are of little help when dealing with police traps where the guns being used are based on modern detection technology.

The other thing reducing the effectiveness of traditional detectors is the susceptibility of their performance to guns not even based on radar technology. Their results in these circumstances can be a little confusing and quite unreliable. So, as you consider buying a traditional detector, take these issues into consideration for a satisfying purchase.

At the end of the day, having a good quality detector is what is important. Actually, there are instances where a traditional detection device might be the smarter purchase for you. As a matter of fact, getting a good quality traditional detector is a lot better than buying a poor quality modern laser detector.

That said, before you pay for any gadget of this kind, sit down and deliberate on what your needs are. You should have a detector that will best address your needs; and a brand that will give you the best performance.

The process should begin with a research into various kinds and brands of radar detectors. Fortunately, you can even find plenty of information on all different types and brands of traditional radar detectors on the web. The same goes for modern laser radar detectors, or “ladars”. In short, doing thorough research is key if you want a satisfying use experience.

After doing your research and settling on a specific detector brand and type for you, you can go ahead and make your purchase. You can visit your most trusted online retailer, or visit your local electronics store if you prefer.

Finally, as you make your purchase, try to get a product that comes with a warranty offer. This should protect your purchase in case the gadget fails without giving you any measurable life of service. But whether buying a traditional radar or a modern laser detector, make sure you get a good quality product that will help you identify police speed traps and avoid speeding tickets.


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