5 Tips To Choosing A Random Orbital Sander

5 Tips To Choosing A Random Orbital Sander

A random orbit sander is a power tool used for sanding. It is fitted with sanding blades that deliver random orbit action on a surface. Random orbital sanders vary from brand to features, to functionality.

With a wide array of sanders to choose from, it can be a bit confusing settling on which sander will best work for you. But not to worry. Here are 5 tips that will help you make an informed decision when choosing a random orbital sander:

  1.    Consider The Available Power And Speed

An important factor to note with random orbital sanders is that the higher the power they have, the faster you can be able to perform sanding tasks using them. To know the amount of power a sander has to offer, check on its wattage as well as the motor size.

Be on the lookout also for the speed settings and find out whether the sander has the provision to change the speed settings. This goes a long way to determine how effectively you perform various applications such as stain removal or applying smooth finishes on surfaces.

  1.    Check Whether It Has The On-Board Dust Collection Feature

The onboard dust collection is a great feature that will save you the time and effort you would have invested in cleaning up your random orbital sander once you’re done using it. A sander that performs exceptionally well in dust collection is fitted with suction holes built into the sanding pad which sucks up the dust immediately it forms when sanding.

The dust is then collected in a dust canister or bag attached to the machine. Some models have the provision where you can attach the orbital sander onto the vacuum hose to increase capacity for dust collection. Onboard dust collection is definitely a factor to consider.

  1.    Check On How Comfortable It Is To Handle

The level of comfort of the random orbital sander is a huge factor to consider especially if you will be using it for long hours. Check whether the sander has rubberized grips that make it comfortable to handle when holding it with your hands.

Some sanders are fitted with two handles that facilitate easy handling and enhance the machine’s grip when holding it in different positions as you sand a surface. The design of the sander will determine the comfort level which will, in turn, determine the ease of handling.

  1.    Consider The Sander’s Switch

The position of the switch in the random orbital sander matters a lot. Most sanders have been designed in such a way that you can turn them on or off through the rocker-style switch using just one finger. Some sanders, however, have switches that slide through the body.

Find out also whether the random orbital sander switch is sealed away from dust exposure. Mounds of dust get formed when sanding and if this dust piles up on the switch, it limits its functionality.

  1.    Check On The Price

Price goes hand in hand with the quality and the features that the sander has to offer. It’s easy to buy a cheap sander with low durability or an expensive sander that isn’t worth its price.

To help you get the best sander that is concurrent with the money you spend, check out these random orbital sander reviews and get the best value for money when you make a purchase.


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