How to maintain healthy skin of your child

How to maintain healthy skin of your child

Everybody wants their daughters to be born angels, at least in looks, but only a selected few are fortunate enough to inherit divine beauty right from birth.  Most parents have to take proper care of their infants to ensure that they look and stay beautiful.  All of us have beauty elements embedded in us, and proper nurturing is necessary to bring out the beauty that remains within.

Caring for child health is the fundamental requirement for ensuring beautiful looks. A healthy child would look beautiful. The skin is the most sensitive part of the body that contributes to beauty and mothers have to take extreme care to ensure that the baby’s skin remains unaffected by diseases that most children experience mostly immediately after birth. Children have delicate skin and parents must take extra care to maintain healthy skin because beauty is largely dependent on skin quality.  Almost half of newborns you would see have a patch on the head created by skin rashes that make the skin crusty and scaly. It is the first tryst of the infant with skin care. What the problem is and how to seek a remedy is discussed in this article along with some general guidelines in child skin care.

Cradle cap

The unsightly patch that makes parents of newborns quite worried is not at all harmful and neither does it cause any irritation or uncomfortable feeling for the child. Cradle cap is the name given to this condition that is not any disease but only a condition that goes away when treated properly.   Despite knowing that it does not cause any harm, the scaly appearance is so much an eye sore that parents want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Using shampoo is the most efficient way of removing cradle cap.  Using the right shampoo for cradle cap to get rid of the scales not only removes the patch but also prevents recurrence of the problem.  Although there are different brands of shampoo that works well in removing cradle cap, you must not use anything less than the best.

Know the ingredients

To know which shampoo would be right for your child, you must look into the composition and the ingredients used in the shampoo. Do not be carried away by brand names but look much deeper to be sure that there are no harmful ingredients in it. Some ingredients that are safe and efficient for shampoo used for removing cradle cap are:

  • Calendula – Known for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, calendula is highly effective in providing the soothing touch to the affected area.  Use of shampoo containing calendula ensures that the cradle cap disappears quickly, never to return.
  • Salicylic acid – This is a ubiquitous ingredient in any skin care product due to its high effectiveness in reducing skin irritation and any skin condition. However, the proportion of Salicylic acid in shampoo is critical for children because when used in a higher concentration, it can cause burning sensation. Know about the maximum concentration that would be comfortable for children.
  • Colloidal Oats – Made from finely milled oats that remain suspended in the shampoo solution, this is an excellent moisturizing agent for the skin. It helps to fight dryness of skin and keeps it moist.

These are some of the most effective and safest ingredients for baby care shampoo that make the products entirely friendly with the sensitive skin of children.

Caring for the skin

As the child grows, the need for overall skin care becomes more important. Glowing skin is one of the elements that contribute to making children look beautiful. There are many more products besides shampoo like oils and lotions that you might have to use to take proper care of the sensitive skin of the little ones. Once again you must take special care to see that the products you use are child-friendly and do not have any adverse effect on the delicate skin. Here is how you can ensure that the skin does not expose to harmful elements when using skin care products.

Go organic

Chemicals always carry an element of risk for the skin health, no matter how less it might be, when used in formulations of skin care products that you use for your child.  To remain completely free from any risks, using skin care products made from organic ingredients obtained from natural resources is the best way to ensure complete safety in skin care. Besides being effective natural ingredients are free from any side effects and the formulations are mild and gentle on tender skins. If you are unable to make out the quality of ingredients, take help from a doctor to choose the right product.

Use products that do not contain perfumes and dye

Growing children are prone to exposure to several household products that we use, and many of these pose quite a fair amount of risk for their skin. Soaps, laundry detergents, fabric softeners and similar products contain dyes and perfume that are irritants to the soft skin of children. When buying such products, check its composition to know the ingredients used, so that you can select the ones that do not contain anything that can harm the child’s skin.  Buy only child-friendly products even if it is not used by children.

Keep the skin moist

Many kinds of skin are inherently dry, and if your child happens to have such skin, then you must take care to ensure that you can keep the skin moist always.  Use suitable oils and lotions as recommended by the doctor but never fail to check the ingredients to be sure that there is nothing harmful in it. Using the oil or lotion after bath all over the body is a good practice.

Avoid exposing children to direct sunlight for extended hours because the harmful UV rays of sunlight can damage the delicate skin and even cause skin cancer. Avoiding sun exposure between 10 am to 4 pm is the best way to reduce the risks of skin damage.


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