3 Reasons to Use Custom Neckties for the Corporate Dress Code

3 Reasons to Use Custom Neckties for the Corporate Dress Code

An elegant dress code denotes professionalism and dependability, and ties are a particularly important part of this concept. As you are about to discover, custom neckties are a great tool for transmitting specific messages within the corporate culture.

1. Color psychology

The best way to observe the power of neckties is by analyzing political figures. Color psychology has been used for a long time in politics, and while most people nowadays know these tricks, this doesn’t stop them for being efficient. Red ties usually transmit power and assertiveness, and they are the best choice for employees that do a lot of negotiations. Brown ties are more conservative and they have a strong down-to-earth vibe, which makes them ideal for employees that deal with senior customers. Blue ties denote trust and stability, and they are an excellent choice for customer service employees. Purple ties are less common, but since purple is the color of royalty, purple ties are usually associated with wealth, which makes them a great choice for financial advisors. Last but not least, eccentric ties are great for creative environments.

2. Customer impact

As we already mentioned, elegant outfits inspire professionalism and dependability. Since any business is looking to earn their customers’ trust, it helps if the employees that interact with the customers look as professional as possible. Nonetheless, in most cases, employees have their own interpretations of the dress code, so don’t be surprised if you see your employees wearing cartoon inspired ties. Needless to say, such wardrobe choices don’t exactly transmit a professional vibe, but you can avoid these situations if you include custom neckties in the dress code. This way, you can rest assured knowing that your employees will look as professional and as presentable as possible when interacting with your customers.

3. Branding

When it comes to direct customer contact, your employees are the ambassadors of your brand, and you should use this opportunity to further highlight your brand image. Nonetheless, it is essential to choose neckties made of quality materials, and for this purpose we recommend http://mycustomneckties.com/. You can opt for neckties with colors inspired from your logo, or you can customize the neckties with your actual business logo. MyCustomNeckties can also provide you with free design samples, so that you can be certain that the neckties that you order will match your brand’s image. Moreover, their customer satisfaction policy guarantees that your neckties will arrive on time and in great condition, otherwise you they will re-run the order or refund you the money.


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