Nine Ways to Make Your Outdoor Space Look Stunning By the Summer

Nine Ways to Make Your Outdoor Space Look Stunning By the Summer

If you would like to enhance the appearance of your outdoor space and impress your visitors in the spring and summer, you will need to go further than a regular landscape design and lawn. From unique planters to pools and ponds, there are several creative ways you can improve your outdoor space, so you can make the most out of your summer parties and enjoy spending time outside of the house. Investing into some lovely rattan garden furniture will most definitely help your garden stand out to family and friends this summer. Whether you are a gardener or would like a simplistic landscape, there is a creative idea for you to implement. Find out more below.

1. Pressure Washing

Every spring you will need to take care of your wooden and stone surfaces, but not before you completed the jet cleaning. Your patio or paving stones might have gone grey or green due to the change of temperature and the build up of moss. You can get a quality pressure washer at your local DIY store, or hire one for the day and deep clean your garden furniture before you add a bit of paint here and then. It might be time to repair those broken and damaged fence panels, chairs, and benches, and stain them to last for many more years.

2. Evergreen Plants

If you are not keen on gardening, your best option is to get some evergreen shrubs and bushes in your garden. This will save you time changing your seasonal plants in the flowerbeds and the planters. Make sure that you get rid of dry plants and clean up the fallen leaves left over from the fall. Use a leaf blower to clear up your garden, and pick up all the litter that the wind brought with it in the cold winter months. Instead of getting flowering trees and bushes, you can get evergreen plants for shading around your patio area, too.

3. Solar String Lights

To improve the look of your garden in the evenings, you could get some solar string lights that are easy to install and can define your garden structures as well as your trees and bushes. Make sure that the lights are safely secured and cannot get blown away by the wind. You can find different designs, such as string lights, lanterns, and even star shaped white lights. Choose the one that suits your personality and style the most.

4. Pool Grottos

If you have a hidden corner in your garden you cannot decide what to do with, you can even get a pool grotto installed. It will be the perfect addition to your romantic hideaway, and you can have a waterfall installed. Choose your materials and stones, water feature, and size, and talk to a professional about creating the perfect design. According to Blue Terra Pools, grottos can enhance the appearance of any pool and make your garden look stylish, sophisticated, and exclusive. You can use them to create group seating in the water, love seats, or to hide your hot tub.

5. Garden Pond and Water Features

Nine Ways to Make Your Outdoor Space Look Stunning By the Summer

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Those who love water and enjoy listening to the sound of waterfalls can get a pond and a water feature. Get a unique design fountain with a marble stone in the middle, or a more sophisticated glass bowl. Choose the water feature that suits your garden’s style and size the most. Add a few plants in the pond, and let the kids have fun in the garden. You might even want to create a secret hideaway with a bench nearby where you can sit with a book and listen to the fountain.

6. Color Changing Lights

To spice up your summer parties, you could install some color changing lights on your patio. Whether you have a patio that has shades or an open one, you will be able to install a natural fence around it to protect you from the wind, and add color changing lights to make it easier to navigate and feel relaxed during your summer parties. You can have solar powered color changing outdoor lights, or ones that work from the mains supply and can be controlled remotely.

7. Gazebos

A great way of creating a private space in your home is erecting a gazebo. Whether you want one that is made of bamboo reed, or a jurta-type of gazebo, you can get a heater in there for cold winter nights, and enjoy the company of your friends without being distracted by bugs. Design your gazebos considering the number of people you would like to invite, and the main use. There is nothing more relaxing than curling up in the warm gazebo with a glass of your favorite drink and listening to music at night.

8. Pergola

To create a flower theme, you might want to get a pergola erected. There are several styles to choose from, and you can erect one in just a day with help. Make sure you create a solid concrete base so your pergola will be able to support the plants that will run up to it. You can get creative with your selection; choose rose bushes, honeysuckle, grape vine, or trumpet vine, and combine the colors for the perfect summer garden.

9. Rockeries

Nine Ways to Make Your Outdoor Space Look Stunning By the Summer

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Those with green fingers can even give rockeries a try. Always ask a landscape gardener to create the base, so it is safe and can support the soil. Building rockeries is harder than it looks. Choose small shrubs and flowering plants and herbs to add color to your structure. The best plants for rockeries are Sedium, Thyme, and dianthus.

Whether you have green fingers or not, you can create the perfect garden design for the summer that will impress your party guests and family members alike. Make the most of the cold weather and start planning the garden features that will make you proud for many years to come. Create some hideaway places for a romantic night in, add lighting, color, and choose the plants according to how much gardening you are prepared to do this year. You can create a stylish and unique garden with a little bit of imagination.


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