Prevent Falls with these Bathroom Safety Tips

Prevent Falls with these Bathroom Safety Tips

Cherish the thought of taking a nice warm shower in the comfort of your master bathroom? Looking forward to your alone time in the morning without other people in your face? Strange as it sounds, sometimes the bathroom provides the safety and serenity of being in the home alone.

However, the bathroom can also be a dangerous place. There are risks of slipping and falling, cords mixing with water, and water pipes or nodes bursting unexpectedly. Perhaps the most common risk of all of these items would be slips and falls in the bathroom: especially as we begin to age. That said, here is a list of bathroom safety tips that are designed to provide safety for all.

1. Put in grab bars

Grab bars for bathroom safety are features that are simple to install and sometimes they are overlooked. However, especially for elderly people, they are important because they serve a preventative purpose by allowing grips for exit and entry into showers and bathtubs. They also serve a maintenance purpose by allowing to grab in case of falling and preventing a major slip and injury in the bathroom.Grab Bar for a Shower

2. Provide better reach and access

Want to prevent injury, over-reaching, and falling in the first place? Make sure everything is easily accessible. That means that all items should be easily within reach and all heights of counters and toilets should be reasonable to avoid any unnecessary bending that goes along with the reaching. In addition, showers should be easy entry with flush thresholds so that they are barrier free and prevent any types of slips and falls.

3. Provide better lighting

One of the easiest ways to avoid falls during the night hours is to simply improve the visibility of the bathroom by making sure that it is well-lit. Not only does natural light and good lighting help out with visibility, but also having great LED nightlights and emergency lighting can make sure that anyone entering the bathroom at night will not have to fumble around in the dark.

4. Get rid of excess obstacles

Don’t want trips and falls to happen in the bathroom? A final obvious thing you can do to prevent that is simply to remove all the clutter that is laying around the bathroom. Any loose items on the floor and counters as well as physical counters and water basins that are simply in the way should be removed and the bathroom should be kept to a minimum. In order to avoid unnecessary tripping, simply get rid of the clutter and reduce chances of accidents immediately.


I hope these bathroom safety tips are not only informative and helpful to you in your bathroom planning, but I also hope they truly help to prevent falls in your household: whether it be a close family relative or a visitor to your home. In any case, you do not want the liability or the guilt associated with a fall in your home.

Take these tips and apply them to your home to reap the benefits and build an atmosphere that is both safe and also highly enjoyable. Want to add to the conversation? Add your comments and tips below and we can constructively discuss how to make the bathroom a better and safer place for your household!


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