The Top 3 Latest Fashions in Leggings

The Top 3 Latest Fashions in Leggings

When it feels like a ‘no-jeans day’, what better alternative do you have from the most comfortable thing to wear? Here is when the leggings come in. Leggings are the next best thing than sweats and even better because of their ease of wear and the comfortability. Leggings have become trendy garments these days. From stylish gym wear to intimate evening wear, leggings have become part of the fashionable ensemble. You can find these beauties at any clothing shop or even online at different ranges of prices which are often affordable. ( One online shop carries an extensive collection of these buttery soft leggings. Check out so you will know. Leggings can play a great part in a girl’s wardrobe because it is a piece of clothing perfect for layering and is great to mix and match with other apparel. Browse down below for the top 3 latest trends in leggings you can find in clothing outlets and online stores.

  1.  Printed Leggings

Printed leggings are easier to find nowadays. Gone are the days when you can only find black ones in stores. Although black and basic-colored leggings never get out of fashion, the printed leggings are like a breath of fresh air. Printed leggings can come in stripes, floral patterns, animal prints, abstract designs and many others. The good thing about printed leggings is that they stand out. It is best to wear them with plain and simple tops so you can highlight the designs. You can even wear them under a plain white or black flowy dress for a lovely peek-a-boo wear.

  1.  Accent Leggings

The classic leggings are now made attractive by adding trimmings such as studs, zippers, and sequins or what-have-you. Accent leggings are great to wear for an evening event with formal tops and shoes. You can mix and match these leggings with chic yet straightforward pieces to show-off the accents because that is what they are made for.

  1.  Cut-out Leggings

Cut-out leggings, like the printed and accent ones, took dullness out of the basic leggings. They also come in many different styles such as lace, fishnet or shredded style. For this reason, the cut-out leggings can be worn in many different ways. They are great pieces to wear for parties or night-outs. Because of the cut-out designs, these leggings express a bad-girl look. Thus, it is best if they are paired with plain tops and shoes. The complete outfit would look trashy if cut-out leggings are matched with clothing with too much flare.

Since the leggings have been created, they never seem to go out of trend. They can be your favorite piece of clothing with comfort and style all rolled into one. Simple as they are, they can be worn as is, like basic black or any color matched with a cute top or shoes to create a fashionable get-up. What more with the different designs and styles you can find these days.

You can build a fabulous wardrobe with a few pieces of leggings of varied designs and styles to mix and match with your existing tops, dresses, blazers, and shoes. The ones listed above are just three of those in fashion and there are still more designs and styles in stores and online that you can choose from depending on your taste and budget.


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