7 Kitchen Tools that Help You Eat Healthier

7 Kitchen Tools that Help You Eat Healthier spinach

You don’t need a reason to eat healthy. You might just feel like eating something fresh, with a natural taste when you get home. Replacing that unhealthy fast or frozen food is super easy, when you have the right tools in your kitchen. You won’t need to improvise or find ways to peel or slice those veggies or fruit. Instead, you’ll save time and enjoy a delicious recipe.

The basic kitchen tools come in handy for cooking a meal and serving it in any home. However, healthy eating requires tools that ease your work, while protecting the ingredients. Also, health involves no compromise. So, once you’ve found the tools you’ll use for your future meal, it’s time to research. Read the best product reviews and purchase long-lasting professional kitchen tools. Let’s see the essential tools for delicious healthy eating!

7 Kitchen Tools to Use When Cooking Fresh Healthy Meals

These tools are will make cooking easier, especially if you’re among the 28% Americans who can’t cook.  You’ll be able to make the most out of peeled veggies, cooked pasta, dressings for salads and much more.

1.      Kitchen Scale

Each recipe requires specific quantities for a balanced taste. The kitchen scale allows you to measure the volume and weight of any solid food. The kitchen scale might seem old-school. However, it helps you cook the recommended serving size. Cooking by what the eye says might lead to an unbalanced taste and oversized recipes. Consequently, you might eat more than you need.

The kitchen scale is both useful for weight loss diets and healthy eating. You can measure meat, cereal, fruit, and much more. By using a scale, you can also measure the calories you eat. Got any leftovers after measuring? Freeze them for future meals.

2.      Complete Set of Knives

Who didn’t slice or cut ingredients differently than they should just because they didn’t have the right knife? Regardless of the recipe, you need to chop, dice and mince vegetables, fruit, meat, fish and herbs. When you cut ingredients with the right knife, you save more of their content, you slice them easier and handle them safer.

A complete set of knives includes 12 pieces + the chef’s knife. After purchasing them, read the instructions and see what ingredient each knife stands for. Quality knives need to have sharp blades that don’t slip and allow you to determine the cutting speed. Check out this Cutting Meat Knife Buying Guide for the best ideas on how to find the best set of knives! If you are considering adding an electric knife in your kitchen, go to cutwitheaseandprecision.com.

3.      Spiralizer

The hand veggie spiralizer is mostly preferred by noodles enthusiasts. It turns veggies into pasta-like strands. However, it provides you with a wide variety of ideas for foods and salads. This gadget-resembling tool will help you replace old pasta with a fresh and healthy meal. Moreover, you can mix them with a sauce and enjoy a dinner that needs 5 minutes prep.

The veggie spiralizer is safe and cheap, especially if you go for a manual one. You can increase your veggie intake by adding them as toppings, preparing entire meals out of them, or pouring them in soups. You will also cut your carbs intake over dinner. To get the best spiralizer do some research first as some are awkward to use.

4.      High-Speed Blender

You can make some delicious fruit or veggie smoothies with a high-speed blender, but don’t stop here! Did you consider the blender for preparing a salad dressing, creamy soup, or refreshing shakes with ice cream content? The high-speed blender is your kitchen gadget which just crossed boundaries of its utility.

The electric blender technically does the job for you, so you won’t need additional time to use it. Moreover, it works for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even brunches. You can measure quantities on the scale and then see the total volume of your blended result.

5.      Vegetables Steamer

There’s no doubt that non-stick frying pans are healthier than regular ones. However, veggies are healthier when you steam them. You can get a silicone steamer and use it with your regular sauce pan. This option is also safe for children and allows steaming in the microwave. It’s extremely useful for veggie-based meals.

You can steam peas, beans, broccoli and almost any green vegetable for your meal. Steaming is based on water. So, you can eat them immediately for a fresh taste, or wait 10 – 15 minutes and get crispy veggies.

7 Kitchen Tools that Help You Eat Healthier oil

6.      Glass Container

Cooking and eating is now completed, but you have leftovers. What can you do, if freezing doesn’t sound tempting? Also, maybe your vegetables or fruit were more than your necessary quantity. Use a glass container to store the leftover ingredients or meals in your fridge, while maintaining vitamins unaltered.

The glass container is usually smart and seals your ingredients entirely. You can also use them to store flavored water, pudding, cream soup and much more.

7.      Herb Keeper

What about your herbs? You’ve bought them fresh, used them and now you have leftovers. Drying herbs alters their flavor and you end up using more salt than you planned to when purchasing them. The herb keeper can help you store rosemary, basil, mint, dill, lemongrass and others in your fridge for even up to three weeks.

This tool provides your herbs with the amount of air they need to stay fresh and protects them from drying.

Eating Healthy

Healthy eating is not a temporary option, but a lifestyle. You can enjoy rich, fresh and tasty meals while controlling your protein and carbs intake. The above tools were developed for long-term use and versatility.

Try them and discover how to reinvent your own meals!

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