5 Awesome DIY Birthday Gifts for Your Boyfriend

5 Awesome DIY Birthday Gifts for Your Boyfriend
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Buying a romantic gift for your boyfriend can be difficult. A movie or a video game would probably please him, but it is more fun to show you care with a handmade gift. Photo frames, “love coupons,” and gifts in a mason jar are all cute and sentimental ideas, but there are also practical gifts that are easy to make at home.

With a handmade gift, he has something to treasure forever and to remind him of your special place in his life. If you want to make a DIY birthday gift for your boyfriend, but don’t know where to start, here is a list of easy and inexpensive ideas to inspire you:

Treasure Chest

 5 Awesome DIY Birthday Gifts for Your Boyfriend

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Cut up a shipping box and then use corrugated paper to cover the box and give it a wood-like texture. Decorate the inside of the box with romantic quotes or with photos of the two of you together. Use Mod Podge or another craft adhesive to paper the inside of the box. Check out BuyTheTop10 for more awesome gift ideas for your significant other!

Fill the chest with small reminders of the special times you have shared together. You can include books, movies, stuffed animals, and special snacks. You could also include sealed letters to be opened on specific occasions, such as when he is having a bad day. Add photos of the two of you inside the lid. This would also be a good way to present a more expensive store-bought gift. If you cant find anything on this list then make him a custom canvas art piece using stencils.

Spice Rubs

5 Awesome DIY Birthday Gifts for Your Boyfriend

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For the man who is handy with a grill or with a smoker, try making him some DIY spice rubs to accent his favorite barbecue dishes. These are tasty gifts and very easy to mix up. Some ideas for barbecue rubs include Carolina barbecue, lemon pepper rub, smoky Texas rub, and ancho dry rub.

Mix the rubs from such ingredients as salt, paprika, onion powder, Italian seasoning, and brown sugar. Put the mixture in a Mason jar with a shaker lid or recycle used spice bottles. As an added bonus, this gift may encourage him to cook for you more often.

Magnetic Wristband

5 Awesome DIY Birthday Gifts for Your Boyfriend

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Make a magnetic wristband so that he can keep track of nuts, nails, and screws while working on home improvement projects. This project requires a little more skill than some others on this list, but it should be manageable for most crafters.

Use a sweatband in his favorite color. Cut it into a strip and place a flexible refrigerator magnet inside. Glue small, powerful magnets on the refrigerator magnet to give it more holding power. Sew the sweatband back together, using an awl to sew the magnetic strips together. He will use this gift often and think of you gratefully when he is working around the house.

365 Day Note Jar

5 Awesome DIY Birthday Gifts for Your Boyfriend

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This project takes some time to complete, but the results are worth it. It is one of the easiest romantic DIY gifts for your boyfriend. Write 365 notes to him on small pieces of paper. It is fun to separate them by color into different categories: ideas for fun activities, romantic quotes, reasons you love him, and favorite memories together are a few suggestions.

Write these ideas in your best handwriting for an attractive gift. Decorate the jar with paint markers or a simple taped-on label. Your boyfriend will think of you fondly every day.

Special Activities Poster

On a piece of poster board, write down a list of activities you’d like to try with your boyfriend. Make it into a checklist format. Some ideas are vacations you’d like to take, special events you’d like to attend, restaurants you’d like to try, and movies you’d like to watch together. Decorate the edges with photos of you both together. This gift will remind you to spend more time together and will make a romantic gesture.

Expressing your love doesn’t have to be expensive. Our ideas for romantic DIY gift ideas for your boyfriend will help you show him how much you love him. The important thing is the time and love you put into the gift. From practical gifts to purely romantic ones, people with any level of crafting skill will be able to find a cute and fun project to make.


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