Learn About the Different Careers in Cloud Computing

Learn About the Different Careers in Cloud Computing

You come across the term cloud computing practically everywhere. Cloud computing means simply to have an access to data and handle storage of data and some other programs over the Internet instead of a hard drive. In this context, you must clearly understand that the cloud is a metaphor that is used for the Internet. With the ever-increasing popularity of cloud computing, many of you are interested to pursue successful careers in cloud computing. Here are some of the top career prospects associated with cloud computing.

Cloud Architect

A Cloud Architect’s job could be pretty difficult and challenging. His main responsibility would be to boost the overall development and effective implementation of all cloud-related initiatives for ensuring that the systems are actually dependable, supportable, and secure. A cloud architect would require achieving business goals and aspirations pertaining to the budget. If you are aspiring to become a cloud architect, you need to be an Engineer or have a Computer Science degree.

Senior Cloud Consultant

The chief job responsibilities of a Senior Cloud Consultant would include developing an open and new relationship, especially with the environment, developing a consensus, and coming up with a comprehensive plan that needs the backing of a business case. You must be capable of facilitating events and choosing all the vital tools required for validating the business. A candidate with a Business Administration degree would have a competitive edge.

Cloud Software Application Engineer

A qualified Cloud Software Application Engineer must possess a Master’s Degree or PhD. in Computer Science or he must be an Engineer in an allied field. He must have at least, five years of work experience that should be as good as the distribution of the programming models. Many organizations would be expecting the candidate to have sound knowledge of software development. Moreover, the demonstrated skills must include basic familiarity with fundamentals like software development environment, Linux intervals, experience with topologies, and debugging skills. You must be enthusiastic about social media networking also. You must possess all the necessary educational qualifications and skills to be a part of any reputed cloud services NYC.

Cloud Solutions Executive

A Cloud Solutions Executive has a host of responsibilities to fulfill. You must have the skills for coming up with appropriate security solutions and must possess outstanding cloud computing expertise. You must identify business development strategies and participate in local IT groups. You need to come up with effective business plans. You must be able to leverage all the available resources and come up with top solutions so that you are always able to exceed customer expectations.

Cloud Software Engineer

A Cloud Software Engineer must have the necessary educational qualifications and proficiency to design and develop software models for distribution. They should be able to coordinate with the numerous cloud service platforms. You must possess adequate experience in infrastructural cloud computing, SOA technologies and provide the perfect ETA for the relevant software modules. The candidate must necessarily have a Software Engineering degree and must have some knowledge and work experience in software development.

Cloud Services Developer

A qualified Cloud Services Developer must be proficient in designing and building a platform that would be including both management portals and sales interfaces. You are expected to possess a Computer Science Degree with at least, five years of work experience. You must have a working knowledge of SOA platforms and adequate experience in Java, Agile, C++, and Python.


Generally speaking, cloud computing is all about streamlining and cost-cutting abilities through automation, virtualization, and effective simplification of software. Cloud computing professionals are often hired by companies to ramp up the cloud computing endeavors. In order to be successful in a cloud computing job, you must be conversant with the Internet and also the on-demand model. You must stay abreast of the latest in the cloud computing world.

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