Sleep Like A Log: Rustic Bedroom Design Ideas

Sleep Like A Log: Rustic Bedroom Design Ideas

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Want your bedroom to feel like a cosy log cabin? Opting for more natural and earthy materials and tones could help you to sleep more peacefully. Here are a few décor ideas to consider in order to achieve a rustic bedroom.

Embrace wood

Wood is the essential ingredient to rustic décor. Do away with your metal frame bed and consider buying a chunky bed frame made of reclaimed wood. Big thick headboards and large bedposts can help to add to the rustic feel. After you’ve sorted out your bed, find other bedroom furniture that matches this style. You can even go the extra mile and consider stripping the carpets for a rustic wood floor as well as adding wood panels to the walls.

Furnish with fur

A touch of fur can also give your room a more rustic feel. Consider placing a shag fur rug on the floor beside your bed – this can be great for sinking your toes into when you get up in the morning. You can also consider adding fur layers to the bed or even using stylistic fur drapes to give your room a Nordic feel.

Use handmade textiles

You can also add to the rustic feel of the room by using more handmade textiles and less mass-produced fabrics. Look around for handmade quilts for sale that can give your bedding an earthier touch. You may even have the skills to knit or crochet your own blanket to give your room a personal feel. You can also consider handcrafted curtains made of burlap and chequered plaid. You may even be able to make your own by repurposing items like tablecloths and bedsheets.

Use the paint wash effect

Painting wooden furniture can sometimes take away the rustic feel – you’re much better off embracing the natural wood tones. That said, if you’d prefer to colour them, there is always the paint wash effect that can give your furniture a beach hut feel. This involves mixing paint with water to create a streaky and faded feel. There are lots of guides online that can help you achieve the paint wash effect.

Install a fireplace

A fireplace will complete the cosy and rustic feel of your bedroom. It can look great situated at the foot of your bed with a cosy fur rug in front.  If you don’t already have a fireplace, installing one is likely to be costly and come with complications. That said, you can always install a faux-fireplace. Electric log fireplaces can still provide heat and create the illusion of fire without you having to build a chimney. You also won’t have the maintenance that a real fireplace demands. There are lots of electric fireplaces on the market – try to choose one that looks natural and won’t look out of place in your rustic bedroom.


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