All The Questions You Need To Ask Potential Home Contractors

All The Questions You Need To Ask Potential Home Contractors

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Even though you will hear about the many advantages of working on your home yourself and trying to carry out DIY projects whenever possible, there will be some times when you can’t move forward without hiring a home contractor. This could be because the work that needs carrying out on your property is too difficult for you to do on your own or because there is no way you can get your hands on the specialist tools and equipment that is required to finish it.

When you do decide to hire a contractor, you need to make sure that you hire the best handyman for the job. This can be slightly easier said than done as many home contracting companies use some clever marketing techniques to wow potential new clients and customers. But these following questions should help you find the best workman for the job!

Ask About Licenses And Certificates

All of the best contractors will have plenty of certificates to show off just how good they are. Most of the companies you look at will be like and will display them as well as any accreditations on their website. If you can’t see any evidence of these certificates online, it’s worth calling up the company to ask them about their certificates. They should be happy to discuss them as well as all of the licenses that they possess.

Ask To See Their Portfolio

Any home contractor worth their salt will also have a substantial portfolio of previous work and projects that they have completed. It’s a good idea to ask your preferred contractor to take a look at theirs. That way, you can see examples of the work that they carry out and if they would be up to the job that you have in mind. Plus, taking a look at their portfolio should also give you an idea of the quality and standard of their work. If a contractor doesn’t have a portfolio for you to see, then that should set off alarm bells in your mind.

Find Out About Their Insurance

You also need to make sure that the contractor you go with has plenty of insurance to cover them just in case something goes wrong. They need to be covered just in case one of their workers were to injure them on your property. That’s not all, though; their insurance should also cover them if they were to break or damage anything on your property too. If they don’t have insurance, then this could end up very costly for you as well as them if something does go wrong in your home.

See If They Can Provide You With A Contract Or Written Agreement

Hire a contractor who is happy to write up a contract or written agreement. This ensures that the scope of the project and their work won’t change half way through the work. If they ask you to draft one up, you can find templates at

Ask these questions, and you will always find the best contractor!


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