A Comprehensive Guide to Under-Floor Home Heating Systems for Your Home

A Comprehensive Guide to Under-Floor Home Heating Systems for Your Home

There are different ways of heating your home. Under-floor heating is an option that is not often talked about yet it is one of the most cost effective ways of heating up your space. This post is therefore meant to shed some light on this option. So, read on for a comprehensive guide to under-floor home heating systems.

First things first; there are 3 major types of under-floor heating systems that you can chose from. According to Green Business Watch, we have the hot water under-floor heating type, forced air under-floor type and the electric wired under-floor type. Although the three may not be as popular in the market, they are the easiest to install, the most economical and energy efficient options for heating your home.

  • The hot water systems –For this option, a series of hot water pipes are connected to a boiler and buried under the flooring screed. This basically means that the entire floor will trap and release the heat into the space. Note that the hot water system is one of the most complicated to install and might cost you more than what an electric wired system would.
  • The forced air system –The forced air under-floor heating systems are designed to release warm air and heat the floors. The warm air flows though carefully installed conduits that ensure that the warm air is evenly distributed beneath the floors. When the floors are heated, the heat then rises, filling the space with warm air.
  • The electric wired systems –Just like the name suggests, this type of under-floor heating system is made by laying electrical cables underneath your floorboards or tiles. Electric current passes through the wiring, produces heat and then warms up your space.

Of the three options, the electric wired systems are the best because they take the shortest time to produce heat and warm up the air in the space. They are also easy to install and safe because all the wires will be underneath. Not forgetting to mention that the electric systems are easy to control using a thermostat.

For best under-flooring heating, here are some expert tips for you to put into consideration when choosing your under-floor heating system

  • Choose a system that is suitable for the space you have at home –Do not go through all the trouble only to purchase a heating system that is too small or too big for your space. If it is too small, your heating needs will not be met and if it is too big, it will lead to energy wastage. For example, if you prefer the hot water heating system, make sure that you purchase a system whose boiler is large enough to cover the entire house.
  • If you wish to control the heat and set different temperatures in different rooms, the electric wired under-floor heating system is the perfect choice for you.
  • Lastly, choose a reputable supplier for the sake of quality of materials. You should also find a trusted energy company for a safe system installation.


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