3 Reasons To Buy Senior Relatives A Cell Phone

3 Reasons To Buy Senior Relatives A Cell Phone

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We’ve all got grandparents or elderly parents that seem lost when we show them our new phones. They don’t understand the technology inside it, and can’t quite seem to grasp why anyone would use one. As a result, it’s highly unlikely that your senior relatives have a cell phone at all.

This got me thinking, is it a pointless expense for seniors to have a phone, or will it benefit them and you? I thought some more and came up with a few reasons why it makes sense to buy a cell phone for your senior relatives.

In Case Of Emergencies

No one likes to think about it, but the older people get, the more risk there is of an emergency situation. Something could happen while they’re out, and you wouldn’t know anything about it if they didn’t have a cell phone. But, if they did, then you can make it, so they display emergency contacts on the screen for people to see. So, if someone helps your relative in an emergency, they’ll see the number, and give you a call right away. Likewise, some phones come with a mobile monitoring service that ensures the user has assistance in an emergency. You can learn more about this online, but it’s very helpful for senior citizens. Of course, if you end up in an emergency situation, then it’s so much better if they have a phone for you to contact them on ASAP.

Easier To Stay In Touch

It’s so much easier to stay in touch with your grandparents or elderly relatives if they have a cell phone. You can call and check up on them no matter where they are. How many of you have tried calling your grandparents for ages, only to not get a reply on their landline? It worries you, you start to wonder if something is wrong. In reality, they might just be at the shops or our having lunch somewhere. If you buy them a cell phone, you can give that a call when they don’t answer the landline, giving you peace of mind if they pick it up.

Helps Them Feel More Independent

By having a cell phone, your elderly relatives will feel a lot more independent and in control. They can make calls whenever they want, and may even learn to text or use apps. It makes them feel better about themselves, rather than making them feel old and outdated. They won’t rely on others to make calls for them, they can do it themselves if they’re out and about.

As you can see, a senior having a cell phone isn’t as pointless as it may seem. What’s pointless is getting them some fancy gizmo that they don’t know how to use and simply won’t use at all. But, if you get them a cheap little phone, then you can stay in touch with them at all times. It’s not just beneficial for them, it benefits you too. Life is simply more convenient when everyone in your family has a cell phone.


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