Property Renovations for Independence and Improving Accessibility

Property Renovations for Independence and Improving Accessibility

As people age or experience limited mobility, homes and business tend to lose some of their functionality. Many individuals are compelled to live on one floor of their homes while some rooms can no longer be used due to mobility and safety concerns. Whether you need to renovate for yourself, a family member or guests, remodeling a home or business is a worthwhile consideration.

Wider Doorways

If your doorways are narrow, it is a good idea to expand them for the purpose of accommodating wheelchairs and other types of mobility devices. Contractors usually need to replace current frames and add paint, drywall and insulation. The project may also entail rewiring and moving light switches. The cost of widening a door varies and is affected by certain factors such as electrical work.

Lever Handles and Doorknobs

Levers are typically easier to grasp than conventional round doorknobs because a twisting motion is not required. This can be beneficial for people who have conditions that restrict motion such as arthritis. Lever doorknobs are readily available and you can hire a professional to change the doorknobs.

Grab Bars

Heavy and sturdy grab bars can help to prevent falls that result from slippery floors, shower stalls and tubs. These can be professionally installed to enhance safety. Learn more about Retrofit Inc here.


Linoleum and vinyl are some of the alternatives that are effective for providing more traction than hard stone and slick floors. Since the material is softer, the impact of falling is minimized. Cork and bamboo are also popular floor choices. If you lack the budget to replace your flooring immediately, it is important to ensure that all damaged areas are repaired. Defects like uneven tiles are hazardous for everyone.


Even when there is no urgent need for using a wheelchair, ramps are important inclusions. They eliminate the task of climbing stairs to enter the building. For places that have steps at exterior doors, a ramp at the entrance is a worthwhile addition that will make it easier to get in and out when balance or mobility is impaired.


Regular countertops often stand at a considerable distance from the floor.  Installing countertops and cabinets at accessible heights can make it much easier for people who use scooters or wheelchairs to prepare meals. Factors such as the size of the kitchen will influence the cost.

Chair Lifts and Elevators

For buildings that consist of multiple levels, a chair lift that can be attached to stairs or an elevator can help people move with ease between floors.

Automation Systems

Renovations can include automation systems that make it possible to reap the benefits of technology. Popular examples of tools include fall monitoring, home security, automatic countertops, assistive technology and health monitoring. Technology is not only useful for personal safety or security but preventative maintenance as well.

Adding a Bathroom Downstairs

In multistory buildings, walking up and down stairs every time you need the bathroom can be avoided by adding a bathroom to the ground floor.

More Improvements

Other projects and renovations that are essential for independence and accessibility include personal alert systems, improving lighting, lowering light switches, moving the master bedroom to the first floor and pullout kitchen shelves.


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