Pattern Ideas- How to Select a Pattern

Pattern Ideas- How to Select a Pattern

If you are inspired to sew, it can be overwhelming to choose from the range of sizes, shapes and styles. You can avoid spending a lot of time and money on sewing a garment that does not fit or create a flattering appearance. There are different things you can do in advance to ensure you choose an ideal sewing pattern.


Shop around your closet for insight into what looks good on you. You can base your ideas on the garments that you currently own. Take a look at your favorite items and closely examine them. Consider aspects such as the overall shape, features, neckline, length, sleeve style and waist shaping. Use these criteria to select a similar sewing pattern.


Think about the fabric in terms of what you prefer to wear Perhaps you like something structured or soft and cozy. You may feel more comfortable in stiff wool or stretch. While looking at patterns, keep your preferences in mind and select one that is suitable for your favorite kind of fabric.


Knowing your measurements is an important step because you need to be aware of your actual measurements rather commercial clothing sizes. Sewing patterns may not match up to store sizes. This is an opportunity to sew a custom-suited garment for your actual body.

Important measurements include full bust circumference, above the bust, shoulder to knee, hip circumference, narrowest point at waist circumference, arm circumference and shoulder span. Click here for Novapattern tosca elephants.

Pattern Size

Check on the pattern size guide and ensure that all the pattern pieces can accommodate all your measurements. Pattern size ranges should ideally consist of your measurements. Find out whether the pattern is available in other sizes to avoid buying pattern pieces that you will not need.

Mix and Match

Feel free to mix and match. You may need to cut up various sizes to facilitate a good fit. As long as the difference between sizes is not significant, they will fit well together.


Use your options as several sewing patterns are available with options for customizing the size. You can use these varieties to ensure that the garment fits in the most flattering way.

Sewing pattern is a key starting point. They are designed for the purpose of fitting consistently across different garments. After determining the size you will be starting with, you can figure out adjustments that are required.


Outside lines refer to the silhouette that forms the shape. Inside lines consist of the details. Check the garment lines to ensure they will work well for your body shape.


Scale involves striking the right balance between your physical shapes and features. Understanding the body scale makes it easier to choose fabrics. Larger frames work well with bold prints while smaller prints are ideal for petite and small frames.


Understand your body proportions and select styles that will effectively emphasise them.  Use color to create a balanced appearance.


Knowing suitable colors will prevent you from buying unflattering fabrics and garments. When looking for fabric, consider what you want to make. The pattern provides suggestions regarding ideal fabrics.


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