How to Be More Productive in All Aspects of Your Life

How to Be More Productive in All Aspects of Your Life

It’s normal to find yourself feeling deflated and demotivated sometimes, especially when you’re overworked, or conversely, not sure what you are working towards.

In this article, we’ll show you some ways you can boost your productivity with simple hacks and even apps to get your fire burning again; whether at work or play.

School or College

  • Get new stationery. It’s a strange psychological phenomenon, but getting new notebooks and highlighters definitely improves productivity… at least, it does for us! Organization is key, and having pretty stationery makes it 10x more fun.
  • Make a study plan. Grab a calendar and mark out all your deadlines. Also, mark out stages you should be at on particular dates: for instance, make a note to finish your essay a week before the deadline so you have ample time to edit. Work out how many studies you need to do per day to meet your goals–but don’t let it take over your life. Take advantage of online learning platforms such as Medify, to help pass your exams.
  • Take important notes – don’t blindly write down everything the teacher says, and don’t write anything and assume you will remember. Listen intently and make clear, concise notes that will assist your study later.
  • Avoid distractions – especially from friends gossiping next to you, or the class clown. If you’re allowed, listen to headphones while working in class to block out distractions (obviously not when the teacher is talking!).


  • Prioritize. You’re not Superman–you can’t always complete everything on your to-do list. Set realistic goals each day. Choose one big task, one medium and one small, and that’s quite enough to achieve in one work day. Anything else is a bonus! (Tip: always start with the big one.)
  • Follow the 2 Minute Rule – if a task comes along that can be achieved in 2 minutes or less, do it immediately. Whether it’s a call that needs to be made or composing a quick email response, get it out of the way instantly. By the end of the day, you’ll get that Superman feels.
  • Take breaks. A coffee and some fresh air do wonders for the mind. Being confined to your desk all day makes you sluggish. A break at least every 90 minutes is advised–but in fact, a study by The Draugiem Group recently found that working for 52 minutes then taking a 17-minute break is the secret to high productivity levels. And, don’t forget to take your lunch break. Too many of us work through them, but conducting a client meeting on an empty stomach makes it impossible to present your best self.
  • Organize a meeting within your business to find out what everyone is up to and pitch in ideas together. This will help boost everyone’s productivity. By giving people direction, a clear plan and something to work towards, you infinitely improve morale and efficiency. PS – you don’t have to be the boss to call a meeting! Wanting an update on work processes shows initiative and your ambition to progress. Choose an app for events like MeetApp which will help streamline the organization of your meeting.

‘Me’ Time

With work and/or school commitments, it can be hard to keep up hobbies and the recommended amount of exercise you should be getting per day. Follow our suggestions for fitting in the things you love alongside other duties.

  • Do your recommended exercise for thirty minutes per day, five days per week. If you don’t do sports, try some light yoga, a brisk walk, or a YouTube workout video you can do in your room. This helps awaken your brain, gets your blood flowing, and drastically improves your mood – all the better for being more productive at work or school.
  • Don’t neglect your hobbies. All work and no play makes… you know how it goes. Having work or school eclipse your hobbies makes you miserable. Always find the time (especially on weekends) for sewing, baking, skateboarding, painting – whatever makes you happy and takes you away from essays or your computer screen.


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